Review: 1More Quad Driver – Hi-Res Earphones with a Well-Defined, Extended Audio Spectrum

1More Quad Driver

The introductory description that stands in the name of these earphones, which state the edge these incredibly hyped and favorite earphones isn’t the only element that the American company 1More should be proud.

Apart from the Quad Drivers the product possesses, the 1More Quad Driver earphones are the first headphones that have been THX certified, which a notable and memorable achievement in the audio world that ensures the utmost quality. As also affirmed by THX: “THX certification is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance.

Like many people, you might not be aware or take into account each award, certification, or latest cutting-edge gadget in this space, so you might not blindly buy a product based on announcements or criteria as such.

After testing the 1More Quad Driver, and experienced the music assembled by the eight transducers, four found in each earpiece, I too concluded that the hype of these futuristic looking, innovative earphones isn’t groundless.


1More Quad Driver is a high-caliber earphone with competitive price. Beyond the modest pricing, they have 4 drivers which provide a stellar experience; the headphones take hold of a much detailed rendering and broad sonic spectrum, which is an edge against the traditional pair of earphones.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

1More Quad Driver Review

Having explained the place this audio product is coming from, you know have a good grasp of the high standard of sound quality they have, but before we dive into the most interesting chapter all of you await, I’d like to add a note about the impressive package which also comes with a lot of features and utilities. Among them, there are 3 pairs of memory foam tips and 6 pairs of silicone tips, each of various size so that could be suitable to ears of diverse morphologies.

Inside the box, there’s also a rigid leather pouch with a magnetic closure to carry the earphones easier and keep them protected. That’s its thing, and since there’s a bit of metal brushed on each earpiece, the pouch might as well maintain them clean and avoid minor scratches.



Quad Driver

Casual listening

Leather pouch, Shirt clip, 1/4 Inch airline adapter, 3 Pairs of memory foam tips, 6 Pairs of silicone tips, 

They have incorporated a satisfactory microphone that is doing its job decently; this goes wonderfully for people who regularly require a very convenient way of communication. The microphone sound quality is rather moderate, yet the voice is intelligible, clear, and accurate. I like how the braided cable looks, both visually and from a matter of build quality, made of oxygen-free copper wire they feel well-built, though and strapped in so far it cures any manufacturing related concern.

Finally, one last feature the 1More Quad Driver is bestowed with, that is quite enjoyable and very interesting to say, is the earphone tips that are adjustable and flexible so that you can rotate them by 45 degrees thus offering a wider variety of options to find the perfect fit. This ergonomic solution is extremely helpful because a lot of times a better seal of the ear tips can provide a better sounding experience starting with the bass frequencies.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 1More Quad Driver

It’s understandable enough that these in-ear headphones carry a sleek metallic look, pack a few beneficial features, and ensure great longevity through the quality of the material used in construction, but a question we ought to ask ourselves, is the sound zen with these aspects carefully crafted?

In a short answer, the sound processing of 1More Quad Driver leaves no regrets, but in a much detailed and elaborate explanation:

The bass goes as deep as 20 Hz; as an idea, sounds that low are barely heard but mostly felt, it adds a nuanced layer and enriches with precision and detail the whole gamut of audible sounds. The membranes react exemplary, and there’s an almost inexistent sound distortion that won’t bother the well-rounded warm and heavy deep-bass or the imposing presence of the brilliant, yet protrusive vocals at the end of the mid-range. As confirmed, the high-mids appear a bit upraised; this small detail is in-between good and bad. They do sound clearer and more pronounced, but at high volumes the sound in this frequency is a tad problematic.


  • Extensive audio spectrum with detailed sound
  • Remarkable earphones for listening to music
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android


  • The mids are a bit accentuated (must be discreet with volume)


Everything feels identical to a pair of earphones of half a thousand dollars, the four drivers provide a complete audio rendering with highest details, on the inside are found a diamond-like carbon film layer and triple balanced armatures. When you’ll plug them into your ears, and you’ll hear the complete audio experience that comes with such a broad array of insightful frequencies, you’ll know that the two pieces are responsible for it.

I can hardly find some cons to these earphones, eventually that is a sweet spot for a product of this standard, and if you decided way before to buy them, I reassure that you aren’t making any mistake.

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