Review: Jays q-JAYS v2.0 – Brilliant Earphones for Referencing

Jays q-JAYS 2nd Generation

As you might know, there are numerous variants of headphones to buy for different occasions and purposes. But what should you get instead when you want to filter out the unfavorable, and only remain with the endgame pairs? After sweeping away more than 99%, out of the vast array of thousands of products, a remaining top unit is the Jays q-JAYS (2nd generation).

The q-Jays V2.0 isn’t merely a simple earphone, but one of the best earphones for referencing with impeccable frequency response. Having said that, audiophiles aren’t excluded and would be happy for picking these premium earphones for vivid casual listening.

This pick is somewhat more convenient and more comfortable to work in comparison to normal headphones.

The q-Jays V2.0 is remarkable in a few environments, but to name some: whether the recording/mixing is your main concern, or simply enjoy or perhaps fancy for a long time an exceptional pair of in-ear headphones with exemplary, accurate stereophonic reproduction, the Swedish company won’t fail you.


The 2nd generation of q-Jays is another set of premium earphones devoted and prepared as a high-end product that would suit absolutely everybody that has a generous budget. All in all, the notable headphones have a respectful sound quality very smooth and with exemplary linearity that you’ll very much enjoy.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

Jays q-JAYS 2nd Generation Review

Before starting the review by telling you how incredible and sublimely well-balanced the sound is, I would quickly like to add that these earphones come with a particular cable module that will only be available with one type of device depending on its operating system. Having mentioned that, we feel sorry you cannot enjoy this impressive sounding miniature in-ear headphones with all of your devices; So, choose wisely.

Apart from that minor issue, I believe that if it’s not indeed an issue for you and you got it figured, it’s worth to consider with what qualities these sleek black earphones qualify themselves as first-rate premium earphones.

Everything is quite amazing, the custom dual balanced armature transducers that will only improve the sound performance so much in so far they offer an incredible, balanced sound with a nice, rich sound response and perfect timing, the dual drivers are a combination of two separate drivers both with unique objectives.



q-JAYS 2nd Generation


q-JAYS Protective case, 1 Cable module, 5 Silicone ear tips or Comply Foam Ear Tips

The WideBand is responsible primarily for the 2/3 of the audio spectrum, almost all of it except the bass area. The other driver is the Woofer, dedicated to reproduce an authentic stereophonic rendering in the lower band of the spectrum, filled with air thus creating an astonishing tight, yet accurate bass.

It’s amazing how such small earphones can produce stately effects below the 200 Hz, with absolutely no decline in sound between the bass and the mids or the vocals alone getting affected by the shift of the output of these two drivers working together by blending the sound created separately. Nope, the whole process is impeccable and the sound response paints an impressive linearity with very detailed music notes.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Jays q-JAYS V2.0

These headphones have wholly impressed me despite the price, which is rather high even for the quality it holds. Something notable worth mentioning when talking about the pros and cons of Jays’s top gear is the almost perfect neutrality starting from as low as 5 Hz which is further extended up to 1 kHz.

The bass is surprisingly flat, accurate and controlled and could also be described as soft; onto the midrange where there’s a slightly accentuate area around 2 kHz and a usual peak at the mark of 7 kHz. I won’t comment much about the build since the reviewing time to judge their durability was not enough, but I could say that I’m highly impressed by the cables with high purity copper on the inside isolated with Kevlar and coated in Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), ending with an “L” shaped plug.

As for the cons, I would consider the combination of high price tag and cables with single operating system compatibility as a huge impediment. For the frugal ones, buying separate cable modules for individual OS for different devices is going to be costly, and the lack of flexibility of use is undeniably something that will upset everyone.

  • Excellent neutrality and detailed image
  • High fidelity sound – Stunning sound reproduction
  • Stylish design, robust construction and lightweight
  • Individual compatibility
  • Price out of reach of most people


With little to no harmonic distortion over the entire sonic spectrum, Jays q-JAYS (2nd Gen) configuration is exceptional because it’s favorable for a lot of musical styles and genres, more than so, the special attention to the mids makes it perfect for you if you aspire for easy to distinguish separation of the instruments, lush vocals, and overall neutrality along the spectrum.

If you got your eyes on this model, the price which easily settles at the base of $300 might hurt a bit, but have no worry regarding its value and qualtiy. A high-priced pair of earphones for audiophiles isn’t usually the best bet, but in this case the standard of q-Jays (2nd Gen) is a pure reflection of its figure in dollars, only a bit higher.

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