Review: Knowledge Zenith (KZ) AS10 – The 10 BA “Cheap Champion” of Universal In-Ear Monitors

KZ AS10 (Knowledge Zenith)

Knowledge Zenith is an audio equipment manufacturer from China with grand aspiration. The AS line-up revolves around earphones using hybrid technology, ensuring a perfect sound blend, and so they are able to provide this kind of deal at the lowest price on the market whilst retaining the value at its peak.

No sooner has the company launched the Knowledge Zenith AS10, and it has already earned a reputation as one of the best universal In-ear monitors. Featuring 5 balanced armature drivers in each side, the KZ AS10 belong among the most impressive earphones. It represents the limited few headphones in possession of 10 drivers that can come close to a price tag this trivial.

Is this the type of deal that seems too good to be true? Or do these earphones raise separate concerns? At first glance, it appeared unbelievable to buy a unit cheap at half the price of what a high-quality dual driver in-ear monitor would cost, earning the KZ AS10 a place on the list of the best hybrid in-ear monitors under $50.

Ultimately, the company introduced a substantial value-orientated product taking hold of audiophile-grade sound that will simply amaze even the best expectations.


The KZ AS10 is a hybrid in-ear monitor with 10 BA drivers enabling a rich and extensive stereophony, and they are also one of the most ambitious projects of Knowledge Zenith which took a large leap away from the former AS earphones becoming the flagship unit of the line.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

KZ AS10 (Knowledge Zenith) Review

I’ll start this review by assuming not everyone knows what these headphones are all about and still wondering what the concept of 10 BA means. And then by addressing another issue which raises some suspicion.

To answer some wonders, a standard pair of earphones usually own a single driver, the more expensive ones having a dual configuration and even triple-driver or quad-driver per piece among the high-end IEMs which have a worthy sound rendering.

Having 5 balanced armature drivers in each earpiece at this price is something hard to believe. In fact, Knowledge Zenith uses very inexpensive drivers from a Bellsing, a Chinese headphone driver manufacturer, which builds the same drivers as the premium ones from Knowles, but with lower prices. An ambitious decision which rendered the KZ affordability to buy 5 pairs of drivers, a thing that wouldn’t be possible with Knowles or Sonion.


Knowledge Zenith


Monitor, Casual listening

Braided copper cable, 2 pairs of ear tips

Onto the sound quality of this 10-way beast; At first glance, the quality is quickly discerned, notwithstanding the skepticism and suspicions which has raised in the beginning.

The bass of the KZ AS10 slightly elevated with roughly 10 dB reveal a quite emphasized low range. The warm-tuned bass has a gentle slope carrying a moderately bright tone further extended into the mid-range opening. The mids aren’t as widely highlighted as the first half of the lows. This sound response conveys a rather dark sound except the mids not getting subdued due to the fine-tuned bass which intensity slowly decays.

The vocals are full of character and volume, and although the segment between 2 kHz and 4 kHz could have been better tunned not to give the impression of sparkly voices, however for this price range, this issue is just trivial since this is a classic problem among most earphones.

The KZ AS10 delights with fulfilling sound that is delivered sufficiently into the upper threshold of hearing in so far even details in the upper octaves are sensed. In the treble area, the frequencies aren’t overemphasized, but rather soft, which is preferred to avoid sharp, harsh sounds that irritate. An excellent sound presence is remarked in around the 12 kHz which make the KZ AS10 sound more hi-fi.

Advantages & Disadvantages of KZ AS10 (Knowledge Zenith)

The housing of KZ AS10 doesn’t exude with quality, and the plastic shells seem fairly average. Nevertheless, the earphones are extremely lightweight despite the load of drivers, besides the workmanship resembles reliability and has a stylish touch which is conveyed by the translucent material on the outer part of the hull facing the outside. Besides the most significant topic, which is the audio quality, the in-line remote control with microphone integrated is increasing the value by a bit, although these additions aren’t quality eye-catching, they fulfill their purpose.

I’m pleased by their comfort once they ensure a snug fit, offering a decent amount of isolation well accepted, and also by the secure fit coming from the over-the-ear mechanism of wearing. Overall, this subject doesn’t reach near into the limelight of these cheap in-ear monitors, yet nothing related to ergonomics is a dealbreaker.


  • Excellent sound presence & Extensive spectrum
  • Stereophony which over-delivers with details.
  • Removable cables
  • Reliable microphone


  • Upper mid-range could have been better tuned


With every product the Chinese company launches, they are slowly diverging from the cheap in-ear units towards more budget premium kind of earphones, featuring better construction, and multiple drivers dividing from the popular dual driver setup. As Knowledge Zenith does so, their products enter a high-end area while still assuring a manageable price.

The KZ AS10 earphones establish themselves as the flagship of Knowledge Zenith, and by doing so, they also emerged on the market as a new innovative acquisition for the consumer segment for its excellent tuned sound that can please even hi-fi enthusiasts through a vast array of genres of music exceptionally rendered. AS10 successfully provides value that is matchless by any other pair of earphones below $50.

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