Review: Meze Audio Rai Penta – The Pioneering Universal IEM of MEZE Audio Challenging our Perception of Value

Meze Audio Rai Penta

Famous for their wooden crafted headphones, Meze Audio has once again impressed us but with a pair of in-ear monitors with hybrid driver configuration, of which sound response, phase-shifting, and timbre ensured entirely through five properly synergized drivers.

The Rai Penta earphones are some very rigorously engineered referencing headphones, in which for over three years the company endeavored to attain one of the most natural tonality featuring clear and realistic sounds while providing a touch of resolution – delicate improvements that haven’t endangered on other characteristics, while the music remains neutral, where no frequency is overdone.

From ergonomics to manufacturing quality and sound performance, you can experience a surreal pleasure when touching the Rai Penta, place it in your ears and let it pour sound to you. They are undeniably breath-taking, boasting with top of the line technology housed inside two of the most beautifully crafted earpieces of which ergonomic shape is of utmost elegance and efficiency.

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Meze Audio Rai Penta is an in-ear reference monitor with top-class values featuring matchless sound definition with ethereal processing through its hybrid driver configuration of which four customized balanced armature and one dynamic driver. A flawless high-end unit among universal IEMs

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

Meze Audio Rai Penta Review

Design-wise, the Rai Penta IEMs denotes an exquisite vibe through its sleek and stylish body aluminum which surface has undergone a process of high-endurance anodization, the full metal CNC sculpted chassis well thought-out to ensure the perfect connection between drivers and your inner ear without distortions and loss of definition.

The sound precisely directed into your ears bear no twists, while the inner chamber remains well-aired due to a pressure equalization system (PES) which uses airflow to regulate the pressure inside of it.

In my ongoing review of the Meze Audio Rai Penta, at this point I became extremely intrigued by how much enthralling the sound will be when I will listen to some of my music; the company has not made all these high-class developments in vain, but these luxurious features lay the ground for something much grandiose.

Lastly, with continuous development in the ergonomics segment, the comfort isn’t left behind as the hull is carefully sculpted to emulate the shape of your ears, sitting as they were tailor-made for you. The build has a premium heaviness, though they feel lightweight having no pressure points; when sporting them you forget about their existence.


​Meze Audio

Rai Penta​


3,5 mm MMCX braided cable, Hard case, 4 Pairs of soft silicone ear tips, 1 Pair of Comply foam ear tips, 2 Deep insertion double flanged ear tips, 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter, Airplane adapter, Cleaning tool,

Meze Audio uses a hybrid configuration of drivers, having four balanced armature and one dynamic driver that synchronize together into a perfect blend providing an immaculate audio rendering with a slight bit of warmth into the sound that does not interfere into your monitoring performance by no means.

The full of resolution sound response gives you a sensation of power over the tracks you carefully listen to as a professional monitoring engineer when referencing, acing in a lot of challenging situations. The impedance of 20 Ohms makes it practical with almost any device thus providing versatility. The company doesn’t break any promises, as explicitly stated the sound response of Rai Penta is thoroughly extended and has a very detailed sound reproduction.

All in all, the ambitious universal IEMs Rai Penta renders a concoction of clear and precise sounds impeccably that can capture a wide variety of tones in a truly outstanding definition, very attentive to dynamics and receptive to all envelop generators, the earphones have perfect control over the sound which grants excellent timbre and musicality. The tight and accurate sound reacts exemplary with exceptional engagement – after all, this is the outcome of the Meze Audio IEMs flagship of absolute linearity.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Meze Audio Rai Penta

Featuring one of the most impressive driver configurations that are capable of ensuring an emotional and flawless sound reproduction is one of Rai Penta’s main competitive advantage against other high-caliber hybrid IEMs; And while the sound could be deemed as tight, balanced and neutral enough, the mass of details and clarity is the biggest treasure.

The team of Meze Audio has scrutinized over a few years the best options in regards to the ergonomics as such to make available to you one of the most comfortable earphones which ensure good noise isolation and no sound leaking. But because they’re conceived as universal in-ear monitors, the Rai Penta does provide a comfy seat, although the ambient sounds can sometimes make their way past the metal tubes.

I haven’t touched even lightly the subject of “inside the box“, and I must admit the package is truly impressive, containing a complete bundle of accessories and tools, one of the most impressive is an audiophile quality MMCX braided cable which is so refined, elegant and luxurious, it looks as if it cannot ever break.

  • Impressively large spectrum (5 Hz – 45.000 Hz)
  • Utmost definition & Vast bass-bound details
  • Great ergonomics & Refinely shaped earpices
  • Audiophile-grade wires & headphones jack
  • Fulfills consumer, audiophile and professional needs in terms of stereophony rendering
  • Not attainable – Great experiences just for a few
  • Might not be suitable for everyone with extreme ear sizes (too big/too small)


Experiencing the full of fervor music that consists of profound details rarely heard from even some top-end IEMs should be a “must do” on any music lover’s list, even if you don’t necessarily buy the Rai Penta earphones.

The vocals of one of my favorite singer known for being able to “scream like a demon and sing like an angel“, Chester Bennington never felt so intense and with such abundant details or intelligibility as he reached high-pitched notes screaming in the “Given up” from the album Minutes To Midnight, or “Lost in the Echo” accompanied by the feeling of rumble and the depth of the sub-bass which are provided in moderate volume by the dynamic bass driver.

With a price almost as much as gold, the flagship IEM Rai Penta portrays as a real asset in one’s collection. They do have a dangerously charming musicality, and so the high-class in-ear monitors make their owners proud of both engaging and inviting music, while also having ensured a powerful, yet revealing sound.

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