Review: Optoma NuForce BE Live5 – IPX5 Water Resistant Earphones for Sport that makes No Compromise

Optoma NuForce BE Live5

On the hot days of summer, I could hardly listen to music without having feelings of worry that my earphones would get damaged because of some sweat and a few moments of joy. Immediately, I was keen to research and review a pair of sweat-resistant earphones that are not too expensive but also does not sacrifice a considerable quantity of sound quality.

Starting with an online search for the best waterproof earphones, NuForce BE Live5 caught my eyes; and having reviewed a high-end IEM previously from Optoma which proved to have outstanding sound neutrality and exceptional craftsmanship, it provided me with the courage and excitement to test another product from this company.


The NuForce BE Live5 is a pair of affordable wireless earphones for sport with IPX5 water-resistance and aptX technology and AAC support. It has some of the highest standards in terms of sound, comfort, manufacturing quality and battery life.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

Optoma NuForce BE Live5 Review

The NuForce BE Live5 is not the first in-ear headphone for sport produced by the company; the previous models aptly named NuForce BE Sport 3 and NuForce BE6i were used as a baseline to further improve the new earphone model and better optimize it based on their blemishes. Therefore, BE Live5 is currently Optoma’s top-leading in-ear headphone intended for sport with water protection and beautifully engineered sound reproduction.

Compared to its previous predecessors, NuForce BE Live5 is meant to contain a much fuller sound quality with less sharpness in the treble as opposed to BE Sport3, and all while remaining extraordinarily comfortable with a tight seal and convincing comfort. Judging this model alone, I could modestly say that it indeed packs a bundle of positive features which are very appreciated, such as the hull made of plastic and matte black aluminum which have a premium appearance, the magnetic shell is also very helpful to avoid the tangling wires, and the stylish look is nothing short of amazing – especially if you buy the NuForce BE Live5 Navy Blue with aluminum painted in gold.


Optoma NuForce

BE Live5

Sport, Casual listening

USB charging cable, Cord clip, Carrying Bag, 2 sets Comply™ isolation ear tips, 3 sets silicone ear tips, 3 sets ear mounts

The sound is what draws the most attention, as the bass isn’t too heavy nor thick and it certainly doesn’t slam into your ears since it appears to be very controlled and fairly even toned. That said, these earphones although are incredibly competent for a mid-tier product, they don’t pack that fun sound, filled with competent rumbling sub-bass, however the mid-range frequencies are very intelligible and produce some vivid vocals that are full of life and highly detailed – you could say this range is the limelight of NuForce BE Live5 as it’s reproduced with finesse – very accurate and balanced.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Optoma NuForce BE Live5

We’ve noticed an immediate improvement in the highs of NuForce BE Live5 in contrast to the past models for sport, and since a lot of earphones suffer from the classic issue of sharp treble, the BE Live5 is to be praised for not sharing the same condition like many other earphones. The result of this sound profile is a somewhat balanced sound which has a bit of body and warmth among the mids, whereas the bass and the treble is more relaxing and soft.

  • Balanced sound with good neutrality
  • Comfortable with great fit and seal
  • It has IPX5 water-resistance & microphone
  • The bass is not extremely notable
  • A bit bulky in size


Optoma is one of the companies who actually strive to improve to the last ounce their products, and they successfully did so this time with NuForce BE Live5 while maintaining an affordable price tag.

The earphones are the most suitable for athletes, and even for casual sportives who happen to care about their sound experience as much as they care about build quality and ergonomics. Of course, there are many great options on the market available under $100, yet the NuForce BE Live5 is a much better earphone in terms of value that has no significant shortcomings.

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