Review: Pioneer SE-CH9T – Simple, yet Elegant In-Ears with Vastly Dynamic and Immersive Stereo Sound

Pioneer SE-CH9T Pioneer is not one of the little brands in the pro-audio display; The Japanese behemoth is well known for over 80 years, and daily consumers use their professional audio equipment more than ever for both audio engineering and everyday music listening. As with Pioneer SE-CH9T, the in-ears don’t pack any sensational characteristic, but … Read more

Review: Shure SE215 Wireless – Professional-grade Bluetooth Earphones Loaded with Monster Passive Isolation

Shure SE215 Wireless No sooner has Shure upgraded their whole SE collection of in-ear headphones from the traditional wired connectivity, and took the next innovative step of embracing the new standard of wireless connectivity. One of Shure’s entry-level wireless IEMs that I’ve decided to test is Shure SE215, which is also a product worth to … Read more

Review: SoundMAGIC E11C – Winning Formula for the Ideal Budget Earphones, BUT Better

SoundMAGIC E11C The E11C from the audio manufacturer SoundMAGIC could be one of our most favorite affordable earphones, for good reasons. The interesting thing is, that E11 is the continuing series of the E10 series that represents the baseline of one of the most famous wired in-ears, SoundMagic E10 which has received a lot of … Read more

Review: Meze 12 Classics – Meze Audio’s Wooden Earphones of Admirable Design and Exquisite Artistry

12 Classics As the name strongly implies, Meze Audio masters in creating classic pieces of art. In the audio world, almost everybody is knowledgeable of Sony, Bose, Philips or Audeze and their great-sounding headphones, yet no big company is as mindful to details and quality of workmanship as Meze Audio is, and they proceed to … Read more

Review: TaoTronics TT-EP01 – Pile it High and Sell it Cheap! NC Earphones of Matchless Value for Money

TaoTronics TT-EP01 TaoTronics TT-EP01s famous high-quality earphones with ANC belong to an extensive range of extremely affordable in-ear headphones, most of the company’s audio products are usually below $100 and are capable of ensuring utmost value for your money. Being low on budget imposes to be attentive on how you spend your money; opting for … Read more

Review: Creative Outlier ONE Plus – Accessible Bluetooth In-Ears with MP3 Player Incorporated

Creative Outlier ONE Plus In previous weekend, I saw the headline of an article stating “MP3 is Dead“, and without checking it some cool memories of me using an MP3 Player long ago arisen. This nostalgia motivated me to look again upon this convenient device which let me store innumerable of my favorite songs and … Read more

Review: 1More Quad Driver – Hi-Res Earphones with a Well-Defined, Extended Audio Spectrum

1More Quad Driver The introductory description that stands in the name of these earphones, which state the edge these incredibly hyped and favorite earphones isn’t the only element that the American company 1More should be proud. Apart from the Quad Drivers the product possesses, the 1More Quad Driver earphones are the first headphones that have … Read more

Review: Sennheiser IE 40 Pro – The Earphones with 0 Harmonic Distortion

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro Being designed and produced by the skillful audio engineers of Sennheiser, you might not be surprised that on your first try of the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro you’ll be in a state of shock, in a good way, by the bassy sound and emphasized vocals when a song such as Red … Read more

Review: Bose QuietComfort QC20i – NC Earphones with Flawless Audio

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Review: Jays q-JAYS v2.0 – Brilliant Earphones for Referencing

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