Review: Pioneer SE-CH9T – Simple, yet Elegant In-Ears with Vastly Dynamic and Immersive Stereo Sound

Pioneer SE-CH9T

Pioneer is not one of the little brands in the pro-audio display; The Japanese behemoth is well known for over 80 years, and daily consumers use their professional audio equipment more than ever for both audio engineering and everyday music listening. As with Pioneer SE-CH9T, the in-ears don’t pack any sensational characteristic, but the startling sound alone.

In the matter of this product, the focus is fixed on the essential components which make a great headphone great: An excellent sound reproduction that marks with greatness the accentuated notes and highlights the sound hardly heard by other professional in-ears even some over-ears studio monitors struggle.

Pioneer SE-CH9T aren’t as popular as other products of the company, but these headphones have a sound of exemplary spatiality and a plethora of details that hardly go unnoticeable.

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Pioneer’s in-ears SE-CH9T are labeled as high-end in-ear headphones and live up to their specifications. The headphones are profoundly dynamic, thus very attentive to the pace, volume, and energy of each musical note in so far your ears will hear what with your previous headphones didn’t.

Pioneer SE-CH9T Review

Pioneer SE-CH9T Review

Pioneer SE-CH9T Review

Despite the popular style of wearing the in-ear headphones, the SE-CH9T is worn around the ear. That wouldn’t bother me, but when wearing them the braided cable seems to twist to a degree that concerns me. Indeed, the quality of the materials used in the construction of this model is high, and the cable doesn’t seem to fail no sooner.

I’m appreciative of the removable cords which have a tangle-free design. Although they seem sturdy and unbreakable, even if at the rarest occurrences they break or suffer somehow, you can replace them anytime with a new pair. Most of the hull is made of aluminum and copper, which again is satisfactory for a reliable pair of in-ear headphones.

In addition, the headphones carry an integrated microphone into the remote control, which is quite helpful at times and easy to use, but lack the option to modify the volume. The pause and playback of tracks along with the option to talk into the microphone and contact




Casual listening, Monitor

Carrying Pouch, Connector shield, 3 Sets of silicon ear tips

The look appears to be very stylish yet elegant, and this effect is mostly due to the exquisite artistry and a limited amount of details of great finesse. Polished with a band of copper, and outlined with chrome edging on the back where the logo is imprinted, the earphones possess a unique aspect that gets a lot of attention when worn in public.

Unfortunately for a lot of avid music listeners, the in-ears Pioneer SE-CH9T aren’t as known as other products of the Japanese company. Because of that, a lot of people miss an astonishingly wide soundstage with frequencies that go as deepest as possible and into the top of the brilliance at the other end of the spectrum. The Pioneer’s SE-CH9T are expected to create sounds in the 5 – 50.000 Hz range, which to say the least I genuinely believe you won’t miss a single musical note. As far as that goes, I cannot express enough the depth and height the SE-CH9T can reach. The sound is clean, yet lacks sharpness. The low-mids are slightly underemphasized, but reasonably present, and the treble doesn’t suffer from the classic problem noticed in most in-ears where it barely reaches the 15 kHz mark, it goes far — The sound reproduced with utmost dynamics and accuracy, which is something unusual for in-ear headphones of below the price of hundreds of dollars.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pioneer SE-CH9T

The sound doesn’t betray the standards of Pioneer, and as stated in the review article of Shure SE215 with the comparison made between the two professional IEMs, the sound of Pioneer SE-CH9T wears a lot of similitudes, both having hi-res audio and surprisingly alike sound responses. The apparent difference is that Pioneer SE-CH9T earphones have a bit more dynamism and are better rounded in the low frequencies, the bass is not masking as much the opening of mids and also doesn’t harshly reverberate as other headphones with similar dark sound signature – that’s not the case with Shure’s product though.

  • Wide stereophony & Rich, weighty sound
  • Impressively realistic soundstage
  • Wonderful workmanship
  • In-line microphone
  • No volume control


The in-ears Pioneer SE-CH9T ensure a complex stereophony with very detailed and extended soundstage as well as proper left and right imaging. They provide an exemplary immersiveness hard not to get lured into when listening a song that has granular details and a vast variety of sound sources. The focal point of these earphones is simply the sound imbued with a plethora of details and a great sense of spatiality which contributes to an extraordinary listening experience.

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