Review: Simgot EN700 Pro – An Impressive, yet Versatile Budget In-Ear Monitor Headphones for Music Listening

Simgot EN700 Pro

No longer have we written a review on another In-ear studio monitoring headphone, and we’re back already with another piece. What Simgot has to offer is a professional pair of in-ear monitors, as the name of the in-ears implies.

The EN700 Pro is almost more than three times the price of the KS AS10, which by the way is an excellent product, but what it got to offer is a much reliable execution: the audio spectrum is reproduced with a natural tone and impressive bass reach. Perhaps, something that is not excessively raved after when speaking of studio monitors, but very much endeared by avid music lovers that don’t demand heavy bass, but sound with vast resolution and without loss of definition.

Simgot is a Chinese company, and despite the common prejudice of products from China coming off as low quality, that’s unquestionably not the situation. EN700 Pro provides audio trackers with evenly toned sound signature, great response over the lower frequencies, firm mids, and the treble share almost the same faith of the middle range, but slightly sharper and with a nice continuation into the upper threshold of hearing.


The Simgot EN700 Pro resembles a high-end in-ear referencing headphone with a single dynamic driver with a finely tuned bass that has an excellent soundstage. The EN700 Pro model is a much enhanced Simgot EN700 with high improvements in terms of sound quality.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

Simgot EN700 Pro Review

The Pro version of EN700 comes in a rather premium unboxing experience, which gives a touch of elegance and high-caliber. Inside the black, luxurious box there are two sets of three pairs of ear tips of various sizes, a beautifully crafted leather carrying pouch and a cable, which unfortunately has a slightly bigger than the regular headphone jack.

Besides the V-shape sound signature, one particular set of ear tips provide a better bass experience while the other set improves the quality of the upper midrange frequency by a significant extent thus making vocals slightly more prominent and voluminous.

The Simgot EN700 Pro In-ear monitors rely on a very premium housing made of metal – aluminum that has an attractive ergonomic oval shape, and on the outer face is adorned with an embellishing grille aspect reminiscent of a high-class over-ear headphone – HiFiMan HE-1000.



EN700 Pro

Casual listening, Monitor

Leather carrying pouch, 6 pairs of silicone ear tips, Cleaning brush

The build hasn’t undergone significant changes as the company preferred to keep the appearance and quality of a winning product – Simgot EN700, which proved to convey a lot of success because of its workmanship.

However, the sound has taken noticeable improvements which lead EN700 Pro to become an in-ear referencing headphone of a whole different class than its predecessor. The earphones have a fined tuned sound with a very qualified bass, but overall evenly toned. As the sound signature expresses a worthy V-shaped sound response, the bass felt with excellent impact retains a modest rumble effect instead of feeling punching. The rumble is much clearer and established in the sub-bass frequency area where the in-ears also possess a nice soundstage conveyed through a great sense of depth. The overall stereophony provides a sensation of boundless, the bass is deep and well-controlled, although at times a bit muddy, and the treble is well-extended while the upper treble slopes down with a natural decay into the brilliance.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Simgot EN700 Pro

As the only shortcoming for a pair of earphones for professional use, the warm and smooth sound isn’t the most enthralling description for an analytical in-ear monitor, yet it’s pleasant for the regular consumer since the music has some personality and expresses an incredible bass presence, moreover a beautiful definition of the vocals, which although stand a bit behind, don’t sound recessed whatsoever. On the other side, the treble might not suit everyone and is not adequate for listening music up to several hours.


  • Wide sterophony with beautiful bass texture and response
  • Natural sound reproduction & great midrange tonality
  • Very thought-out ergonomics and framework
  • No structure-borne noise through cable


  • The overall sound is rather warm than neutral
  • Treble a bit elevated – not appropiate for using for too long


The energetic rendering of the Simgot EN700 Pro just doesn’t feel right for a monitoring headphone, with vocals a bit laid back and the sound not remotely as detailed and accurate as some hybrid in-ear monitors such as NuForce HEM8 or Pioneer SE-CH9T, which integrates more accuracy, neutrality, and greater response, yielding a vast quantity of clarity and resolution.

Nevertheless, the IEMs created by Simgot might have a place in your pocket. For those who would rather have a beautiful and complete music experience with a widespread array of frequencies at your disposal whenever you press the play button on any of your favorite songs and expect the sound to arrive with a great response from the bass area, and very responsive treble, then the EN700 Pro is for you.

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