Review: SoundMAGIC E11C – Winning Formula for the Ideal Budget Earphones, BUT Better


The E11C from the audio manufacturer SoundMAGIC could be one of our most favorite affordable earphones, for good reasons.

The interesting thing is, that E11 is the continuing series of the E10 series that represents the baseline of one of the most famous wired in-ears, SoundMagic E10 which has received a lot of praises for its impressive sound and exemplary neutrality.

Not only is the E11 a new series slightly improved compared to E10s, but E11C is also an even more improved version of the standard SoundMagic E11. By my estimation, I guess that you already started to pick up what I’m putting down.


The SoundMagic E11Cs are among the most affordable wired earphones around $50 that can provide unmatched value for money. What sets them apart from the competition is a robust build and two drivers of 10 mm, 1 in each housing, that provide a flat, balanced sound.

SoundMAGIC E11C Review

Straight away, we spotted one of the most stand-out feature. The shape pattern of this earphone has been used in former models; therefore, based on the consistency of using this frame, we assume it’s a very thoughtful idea, the cylindrical shape ensures a tight, snug fit inside the ears. Besides that, it also improves noise isolation by a significant rate.

As opposed to the previous models on the E11 series, this product has a built-in microphone into the remote control, which is somewhat helpful as more and more headphones have this utility.

It absolutely has more than a thought out shape with excellent ergonomics. A clear difference that is easily spotted is the workmanship. The earphones have a sheath of aluminum that envelops the body, and a 1.2m copper cable plated in silver with an anti-tangle mechanism.




Casual listening

Hard case, 3 Sets of silicone ear tips

The featherless weight is also something to be impressed by as these headphones possess two 10 mm neodymium magnet drivers in each unit that fit seamlessly into the tiny build of E11C; No wonder the sound has a whole lot of definition and clarity. While all these details are astonishing and of quality, it’s usually the sound the decisive factor. The overall nature of the sound signature of Sound Magic E10 is deemed as powerful and imposing. It encompasses the spectrum with a balanced presence; Not anymore is the case of the imprecise, blurred rendering of the first half of the sonic spectrum as it happened with the old E10.

The SoundMagic E11C updated drivers are much perfected in accuracy and precision of delivering most frequencies as equally great. The bass is certainly more rounded, warm and hits with a natural pace. It has good percussion and a good sense of spatiality, especially depth. Both mids and treble are well defined, smooth and have a delicate balance, but what’s impressive is the great precision the sound has in this area, much like the original starting model.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SoundMAGIC E11C

There are several models from both series behind the production of SoundMagic E11C, and it’s a sure thing there’s at least a moderate improvement in the quality of sound. The good thing is the E11C conveys the music with a lot more precision and better timing, at least in the lower range of the spectrum, and something as important: the musical content is as rich and broad but with superior instrumental separation. The company took advantage of the feedback of their customers and so this product offers a lot of improvements in comparison with the past version. I’m pleased by the veritable build of these in-ears and of the accurate sound reproduction I can only say that I’ve tried to find something off and it was harder because the issue stands in the details. The lack of precision isn’t a problem anymore, but the timing can be better.

  • Powerful sound with great dynamics
  • Excellent stereo panorama rendering
  • Built-in microphone
  • Timing has been improved, but there’s some more room
  • Soundstage isn’t the widest


The SoundMagic E11C are some of the best budget earphones you could buy while getting the highest ratio of performance/dollar. They are designed adequately with great drivers to suit a lot of audio styles and preferences. The earphones deliver a rich and detailed sound with a spatial soundstage and relatively neutral sound signature.

While these earphones attract mainly with the charming value for the price, they have a flat sound worthy of being the best among entry-level headphones ($10-$50), elegant design and a reliable build. They do situate at the top-end in terms of price, but the value increases consistently along with the price

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