Corsair Void Elite Surround 7.1 Review

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Corsair is well known in the gaming peripherals market. This is especially true for their wide selection of headphones, with high-end and more affordable stereo models. Today’s reviewer, Corsair Void Elite Surround (7.1), is somewhere in between.

These headphones have modern features such as improved speakers, extended frequency range, and 7.1 sound, but they won’t let go of the last penny in your wallet. You have to agree that it’s a very intriguing combination, especially in today’s environment.

1. Overview | 2. Quick Review of Corsair Void Elite Surround 7.1 | 3. Package | 4. Design & Ergonomy | 5. Sound Quality | 6. Conclusion

Corsair Void Elite Surround 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

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1. Overview – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g



2. Corsair Void Elite Surround 7.1 Review

To be completed

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Corsair Void Elite Surround – Package Accessories Bundle | Source: Corsair

3. Package

Overall 3/5

The headset is packaged in a high-quality cardboard box and is decorated in the Corsair company colors. On the front, you can see a picture of the headset itself. On the back, you will find the usual specifications and benefits. Inside, the headset is in a separate box. In addition to the traditional device and packaging, there is a sound card with a USB A connector and a microphone windscreen.

4. Design & Ergonomy

Overall 4/5

It looks like a real gaming headset, has an angular and aggressive shape and an unusual shell shape. At first, you may find it all very strange, and you will feel uncomfortable putting it on your head. Officially, we thought it didn’t make sense. With headphones, your ears will be comfortable.

Everything is made of high-quality black plastic (matte and glossy). Aluminum is used only on the swivel handle, the bottom of the band, and a few places on the cups themselves.

The headset doesn’t have leatherette earpads for the money, but unlike faux leather earpads, they’re more convenient to wear in the summer when your ears start sweating heavily. The headband deserves another mention. The height adjustment range is quite wide. However, closer examination shows that the moving parts are not at the bottom of the cup, but exactly in the middle, as we are used to. This is entirely new, and it takes some getting used to. In total, there are 10 positions, each about 5 mm.

Besides, the strip is padded with a memory effect. This is particularly beneficial after a few hours of wearing the headphones because the Void Elite Surround is already the lightest in its class (390 grams) and doesn’t feel heavy at all, thanks to the padding. The headband is attached to the cups with a curved metal handle that allows the cups to be rotated up to 90 degrees. This means that the cup can be rotated, which is useful when you hang the headset around your neck to use it.

All controls are traditionally placed on the left cup and connected to the power cord and microphone. There aren’t too many controls, just a large, capable microphone knob and volume control (also large and convenient). I haven’t seen any problems with smoke production.

These gaming headsets are comfortable enough, but we still have some complaints about the microphone. First, it cannot be removed. It’s not very pleasant, anyway. Another nuance is that it’s not very stable. So it hasn’t tested all the complaints. Still, there will be problems at some point because the microphone built into the headset is usually not reliable.

You should also pay attention to the telescopic base, on which the microphone itself is located. It is flexible and allows you to adapt it to the position that suits you best. Overall, the microphone is decent for a gaming headset. It is omnidirectional, with a frequency range of up to 10 kHz and a sensitivity of -43 dB.

5. Sound Quality


The sound is nice and more than enough to for games. Speakers are a definite asset of the Corsair Void Elite Surround. Here you have 50 mm, and extensive sound response. The upper-end can reproduce frequencies up to 30 kHz. All this makes the headphones’ quality promising for Blu-ray playback – the sound is clear, crisp, and deep. Especially nice mid-range frequencies are usually important in conveying all in-game sounds.

At any volume, the headphones provide clear sound without any impurities. The bass is also very useful for filling the piggy bank. If you have problems, you can always fix them using the special Corsair iCUE software. Here you can turn the surround sound on or off, choose from pre-installed profiles, create your own profiles or pump out the bass – a fascinating and intuitive program.

The cable is made of rubber, not braided, and has a 3.5 mm plug. The headset works in standard stereo mode when connected to a computer, console, or mobile device, but can also work with surround sound. If you want to enable 7.1 surround mode, connect it to the adapter’s sound card.

8. Conclusion

Overall 4/5

The Corsair Void Elite Surround is a great headset if you want a modern, versatile device and don’t want to spend too much money. These headphones with surround sound cost less than $100 and are worth every penny. The sound here is just great, 7.1 surround sound, which is not just for show. It sounds really good.

Intriguing design, but not overloaded with “player” accessories. High-quality technology and ergonomics. All in all, for my money, it will be difficult for you to find a level that matches Corsair Void Elite Surround, so it’s really worth mentioning.



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