EasySMX G9000 Review

Whether it is playing video games alone or on a network, watching movies or series, or simply working on a computer, it is always essential to be equipped with an optimal sound to intensify your different experiences. And if you want to isolate yourself for greater immersion while avoiding disturbing those around you, then the gaming headset is the ideal accessory.

EasySMX G9000 might be the product you need. To help you, we have sifted through several exciting models, including the EasySMX gaming headset, which is particularly surprising for the price but [Spoiler Alert] not as competitive as other budget gaming headsets or Sades SA 903.

It is possible that the EasySMX brand does not really speak to you since it is relatively unknown. This is because the company is quite new in the scene. However, it is tending to become a benchmark in its sector since the devices it offers have exceptional quality while being available at truly attractive prices. Consumer reviews of EasySMX accessories are overwhelming, so this brand competes with the sector’s giants. In short, if you are looking for gear that is great value for money, then you have found the perfect brand.

1. Overview | 2. Quick Review of EasySMX G9000 | 3. Design & Ergonomy | 4. Sound Quality | 5. Conclusion

EasySMX G9000 Budget Gaming Headset Review

1. Overview – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g



2. EasySMX G9000 Review

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Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-Ear Headphones
EasySMX G9000 – Package Accessories Bundle | Source: EasySMX

3. Design & Ergonomy

Overall 4/5

The SMX G9000 gaming headset is a device that is visually very interesting because it is endowed with many details. Indeed, by having mixed red and black, the brand has certainly respected the sector’s codes. However, it has integrated a few LEDs, and it has chosen to use brutal geometric shapes that adapt particularly good to the world of gaming.

Of course, this model’s strength does not lie only in its design since it is also made from very good quality plastic. This is meant to be strong and light simultaneously, which will allow you to keep your equipment like new for many years without having to worry about it experiencing any malfunction whatsoever. Even the finishes are perfect, and it must be admitted, the brand has demonstrated all its know-how by developing this gaming headset.

The EasySMX gaming headset is very easy to use for two main reasons. It connects directly to a computer via a 3.5-millimeter mini-jack, which allows it to adapt to any type of equipment, regardless of its operating system. But above all, it is equipped with a mini remote control thanks to which you can mute or activate the sound and adjust the latter’s volume. While it allows the microphone to be turned on or off, unfortunately, it does not allow you to change the audio track, which could be a source of disappointment if you are looking for a headset to listen to your favorite music tracks.

4. Sound Quality


Compared to other gaming headsets such as the Sades SA 903, EasySMX G9000 does not offer 7.1 surround sound, which is a real shame. The sound quality remains very good despite everything, especially since the bass is amplified. However, it is unfortunate that this model does not offer a more advanced audio environment, which would have allowed you to live an experience of irreproachable immersion in your various media.

It must still be recognized that this sound is very interesting because it is deep and is enhanced by extremely reliable sound insulation. In fact, when you wear your SMX G9000 gaming headset, you will not be bothered for a single moment by surrounding noise, which will then help you to fully immerse yourself in your films or video games.

5. Conclusion

Overall 3.5/5

As you may have noticed in this article, the EasySMX G9000 gaming headset is a model that has a lot of advantages but which also suffers from some flaws that it is important to know beforehand. Depending on your requirements, these may not affect your final satisfaction. However, it is also possible that this is a real source of disappointment. But to be completely honest with you, this headset’s quality/price ratio is still very interesting.



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