HyperX Cloud Alpha Review

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Among the headsets specifically designed for video games is the Cloud Series, which is designed to meet all gaming enthusiasts’ needs. Known for its sound quality and aesthetics, the Cloud Alpha gaming headset is different from all other competitors on the market. After launching the previous gaming headsets, HyperX introduced a headset to provide gamers with a more pleasant experience during longer gaming sessions. In this review of the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset, we will find out if HyperX delivers on its promise.

The sound quality prevails here, it also impresses when compared to other gaming headsets in the same price range such as: Sennheiser GSP 350, Corsair Void Elite Surround 7.1, Turtle Beach Elite 800. The brand’s engineers have made every possible focus to create a solid and durable headset. We also noticed how pleasant the headset is after a few hours of wearing, both in portability and sound. Another intriguing point is the microphone, which records clearly. It’s all these elements that make HyperX Cloud Alpha one the best budget gaming headset for PC and Xbox One (provided you have an adapter), ranking below its successor HyperX Cloud Alpha II and Razer Blackshark V2 Pro (which is approximately $50 more expensive), and above Razer Blackshark V2.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headsets Review

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Cloud Alpha Specifications – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g


The headset comes with a detachable cable of 1.30 m, which ends with a mini 4-pin plug. With this cable, you can use the headset with the PS4 and Xbox One.

A small polyester case that keeps all your items in one place and safe to carry is also included, along with a 2 meter extension cable.

Design & Ergonomy

The Cloud Alpha resembles the design of the original Cloud gaming headset. The finish of the headset is really lovely with the presence of plastic, even though moderately.

The headband and ear forks, including the back of the earmuffs, are also made of aluminum, durable and shiny. It is important to remember that these materials make the headset robust and not too classy.

Speaking of class, HyperX wanted to improve the image of the headset and covered the headband and the inner parts with a very soft faux leather.

Plus, the foam padding is thick enough to make the headphones rest gently on your ears. It’s safe to say that the brand’s engineers have successfully combined solidity, classy design, and pleasant comfort, which distinguishes Alpha Cloud from its predecessors.

If you like the sophistication and elegance of a discreet design, the Alpha Cloud will meet your criteria. However, if you’re playing video games in a hot environment, the ear cushions get sweaty.

Moreover, even if they’re soft, the ear cushions become uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of use, probably due to the clamping force of the headset

This headset is so pleasant that the headband is stretchy and can be worn on any head shape. I would also like the standing position to be slightly more malleable to avoid pressure on the headphones. However, this is more than compensated by the headband’s softness, which is not a nice thing.


Our belief is that this detachable microphone is very balanced and it is windproof. The wind will not interfere with your games and conversations. Additionally, the windshield can also be used as a damper or muffler, so you can enjoy the sound without scary background noise. The microphone is detachable, allowing you to hold it longer and remove it when not in use.

To work effectively, we recommend placing the microphone 1.5 inches away from your mouth. If you exceed this distance, you will not get optimal results. If you put the microphone too close to your mouth (closer than specified), you will feel as if you are always chewing on the microphone.


The Cloud application has lovely features, and you can adjust the volume with the included wired remote control. It would be nice to increase the volume more efficiently when the “+” or “-” icons appear.

The volume is adjusted by a knob on the controller that is difficult to replace in case of failure. To fix the volume wheel, you would need a new cable. There is also a switch on the remote control that turns the microphone on and off.

I also found that it isolates noise from the headphones well. This is very beneficial and allows you to enjoy the game without disturbing the environment. It also blocks outside noise such as TV, family conversations, or radio.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound from the headphones is one of the most critical factors players should consider when choosing a specific set of headphones. For example, a headset should hear the sound of someone following or flying over an airplane.

To meet the needs of users in these areas, Alpha Cloud headphones go one step further. You can wear the headphones over your ears to hear the trio of midrange, bass, and treble sounds really good. These three elements are really well separated and well balanced, no matter what noise level you connect them to. The headphones are unusual for a player’s headphones, and I was surprised by the sound quality.

In terms of frequency response, we also find that the Alpha Cloud hasn’t changed much in contrast to its predecessor, maintaining more or less the same response.

Even though it was difficult to reproduce both the bass and the original cloud (which could have achieved a frequency response of less than 30 Hz), the bass and midrange’s clarity were at the highest level.

What’s also enjoyable is the clear and accurate reproduction of high frequencies, such as explosions and engine noise, without masking them. The midrange was also reproduced with great accuracy, making our experience memorable.

Another improvement was a complete auditory overview with two chambers called “magma chambers” mounted inside the earcup. These two chambers are isolated from each other. The result is a more accurate and improved sound in contrast to the male voice.


Our analysis of the Alpha Cloud allows us to say that this gaming headset is one of the best video game headsets for the money. The excellent sound quality makes it an irreplaceable device to motivate players. Its slim design and soft padding provide a fantastic experience, no matter how long you wear it. And if you feel pressure in your ears, just move the headphones around, and the pain will quickly disappear.

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