Logitech G933 Review

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When playing on the console, headphones are an essential accessory. Logitech is a brand often chosen by gamers for the quality of its headsets. The Logitech 933 wireless gaming headset we review today is, in short, a very good quality model with appreciable comfort, good audio quality, controlled wireless communication, and a powerful microphone.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset is priced under $200 on Amazon. This is a fair price considering that it is a wireless headset and especially a headset that you can use with the PS4 or the Xbox One because that is not the case with EACH B3505 (which is necessarily much less expensive).

Even though Logitech 933 is a budget pair of gaming headsets with plenty of value, we would still have liked more autonomy. The device offers sufficient performance for the price Logitech asks, but for heavy users, it might become daunting to charge the headset all the time.​

1. Overview | 2. Quick Review of Logitech 933 | 3. Design & Ergonomy | 4. Bluetooth & Technology | 5. Sound Quality | 6. Conclusion

Logitech 933 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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1. Overview – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g



2. Logitech 933 Artemis Spectrum Review

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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum – Package Accessories Bundle | Source: Logitech

3. Design & Ergonomy

Overall 4/5

If you want a more discreet gaming headset, we advise you to buy HyperX Cloud Mix. The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset is indeed quite impressive. To get a more precise idea, know that when you wear it, the ear cups go far beyond the ear’s contour. It can be confusing for some but know that it does not affect the comfort at all, which is very good.

Wearing this gaming headset is very pleasant with well-distributed pressure points, and you can wear it for hours without a problem. At the level of the arch, it is notched and easily foldable. A large and thick mesh fabric pad provides good contact with the skull. This type of coating is very popular with gamers because it is airy and comfortable. This Logitech G933 headset’s ears have pads that do not heat the ears, which are removable and can easily be washed. Each ear cup rotates flat on the horizontal axis and slightly on the vertical axis.

In summary, the Logitech gaming headset offers adequate comfort, though we noticed two issues: the headset slips if you tilt your head back, and a squeak between the headband and the ear cup is heard when you move your head.

In terms of design, we must recognize that it is good if we forget the imposing side. The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum headset has 2 lighting zones that you can customize using Logitech software. You can choose the color or effects of the lighting strip and logo. The lighting setting can be saved to the headset . This is a plus that brings a little fun to this Logitech headset but knows that the lighting will affect the headset’s autonomy.

It has a boom-type microphone. If you are not a fan of the perch, the good news is that it can be folded back into the ear shell. A red led will tell you when you have muted it (mute mode). Note that this model is available in white if you prefer this color for your gaming headset.

4. Bluetooth & Technology


The advertised autonomy is 12 hours, but in the end, especially if you use lighting, it will only be 8 hours. Fortunately, you can use it by charging it with the USB cable, which is inconvenient for gamers. If you use this headset with your console, the connection is straightforward since you just have to adjust the parameters directly in the audio settings if you use it wirelessly. For wired use, you just need to plug it into your controller.

The G933 headset comes with in-house software available on PC. It brings together all your peripherals (mouse, headset, keyboard) in one place and allows you to customize them to an extent.

As for the headphones, the software allows you to see the battery charge level, customize the keys’ function, or choose the effects of the LED lights. Of course, the audio is not forgotten with an equalizer that you can adjust to your liking in particular. This software is intuitive and fairly comprehensive. On this model you can find three reprogrammable macro buttons (G1, G2, and G3) and a button that allows you to mute the sound. A dial allows you to increase or decrease the sound. The keys are a bit far from each other, so you often grope around to tell them apart.

5. Sound Quality


This Logitech G933, like most models of the brand elsewhere, offers good sound reproduction. It uses 40mm audio transducers qualified as Pro-G by the brand. They would be, still according to the brand, in hybrid materials. The brand also announces for G933 headphones a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Once the headphones are positioned on the head, and a game online started, we must recognize that the sound is not bad but all the same with a little too much bass. The sound of the headphones plunges us directly into the mood and atmosphere of the game. If you are playing FPS, you will hear your opponents arriving or jump in the campaign mode. Online, you will hear your partners well. If you also use this Logitech G933 headset to simply listen to music, its audio will highlight the bass and treble while digging the mids a bit.

Overall, on the console or on PC, the rendering is better in wired mode than in wireless mode, but it is often the case, so it is not a surprise.

The sound is correct, precise, detailed, and of quality. In order to enjoy music just as the artist intended it to be enjoyed, look somewhere else. However, for playing games on PC, on a console, or just to listen to your music casually, Logitech G933’s sound reproduction and acoustic properties should be enough.

6. Conclusion

Overall 4/5

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum comes with several connection options. In particular, you will have a jack cord that you plug into your controller or your smartphone. With this cable, you will adjust the volume, mute the microphone or turn it on with a dial. In addition to an analog cable and RCA cable, you will also have a USB cable that allows you to charge the headset. Overall, enough connectivity options and seamless controls. The sound quality also doesn’t disappoints which makes the G933 gaming headset an even more attractive offer. Despite all these positive aspects, we would still choose Logitech G Pro X as our favorite budget wireless gaming headset from Logitech since it costs almost the same, has bigger drivers that can reproduce low frequencies better, and DTS Headphone: X 2.0, whereas Logitech G933 has 7.1 DTS Headphone: X.



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