Sades SA 903 Review – An Effective and Affordable 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

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Whether you use your PC to play video games, watch movies, or communicate with via TeamSpeak 3, you must enjoy the best sound quality even when you buy a bargain gaming headset. This is why the Sades SA903 gaming headset can be essential to you since it will optimize your general experience.

When browsing through the budget gaming headsets category, it is not so easy to choose the best product since many features have to be monitored. To help you buy a cheap yet good gaming headset, we need to share our review on the Sades SA 903 gaming headset.

1. Overview | 2. Quick Review of Sades SA 903 | 3. Package | 4. Sound Quality | 5. Conclusion

Sades SA 903 Gaming Headsets Review

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Sades SA 903 – Package Accessories Bundle | Source: Sades

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1. Overview – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g



2. Sades SA 903 Review

The Sades brand is one of the biggest specialists in gaming peripherals, especially when it comes to gaming headsets. Each model is designed to meet specific needs that will improve each consumer’s user experience. And this Sades SA 903 gaming headset is no exception to the rule since, as you will quickly see, every detail has been carefully considered to reach your satisfaction. What deserves to be highlighted is that the company’s products are financially very accessible, allowing you to indulge yourself at a lower price.

3. Design & Ergonomy

Overall 4/5

The design of this Sades SA 903 gaming headset is very attractive because it displays a futuristic style perfectly suited to the world of gaming. This is initially explained by its mixture of black and red, which will certainly not leave you indifferent. Secondly, the very marked geometric shapes make all the difference, just like the Klim Impact headset.


While low prices can sometimes be an indication of overall poor quality, in this case, it is not. The brand has indeed used plastic to a considerable extent. And this one is quite remarkable because it is thick and firm at the same time while displaying lightness properties. Even the finishes are impeccable, which guarantees that you will be able to enjoy this equipment for many years without ever having to notice any malfunction whatsoever.

4. Sound Quality


If you are a demanding gamer and want to fully immerse yourself in your different media, then the Sades SA 903 gaming headset will definitely suit you. It does, indeed, develop an impressive virtual 7.1 surround environment. The bass is also slightly higher than the treble, allowing you to enjoy sound quality identical to reality. Since these are over-ear headphones, you won’t be bothered by any outside noise, allowing you to focus only on your activity. Very concretely, the sound quality is irreproachable, and after seeing it, you will be convinced that you made the best choice possible.

5. Conclusion

Overall 3.5/5

To conclude, we can say about this Sades SA 903 gaming headset that it is one of the best in its class for many reasons. It is certainly not a perfect top-of-the-range model in all respects; however, it has every chance to fully satisfy you, given its impressive technical performance. It offers optimal sound quality and breathtaking ergonomics, which will make you enjoy your various media as much as possible. In short, if you are looking for a powerful and affordable gaming headset, then the Sades SA 903 is for you.



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