Causes of Hissing and Wheezing in Headphones

Headphones are usually very easy to use and comfortable, but sometimes, they start producing an extraneous and unnecessary sound like hissing and wheezing. It is a massive problem for the music listener because these sounds can cause interruptions and discomfort. As a result of such sounds and noises, the sound quality lowers significantly. To fix this problem, you must know the reason for it.

Here are the following reasons for hissing and wheezing in headphones.

  • Hissing and wheezing due to the malfunction and disturbance of sound card
  • Faulty wired connection
  • Broken input connection such as USB input
  • Mouse noise
  • Lack of grounding outlets
  • Malfunction in working of the sound source or when the sound source does not work correctly.

The problem of extraneous sounds in the headphone could be severe for those who have no knowledge of the reasons for this problem and how to fix them. Though headphones are elementary nature devices, this problem could be severe.

Understanding how the headphone is essential to understand the hissing in the headphone. Pay attention to the period of the hissing and wheezing in your headphone. After this, check all the connection of the headphones to make sure they are correctly connected.

Incorrect connections of headphones are one of the reasons for the production of hissing and wheezing in the headphones. An improper connection could happen anywhere, for example, the incompatible settings. Checking of connections is more important when the headphones are not new.

Headphone noises caused by a malfunction sound card

A sound card is the most crucial part of your music production system. It has a direct impact on the sound quality produced by the sound source.

If there is a malfunction in the sound card, your PC will be unable to correctly transmit sound signals, resulting in the production of the hissing wheezing or cracking sounds in normal sounds. You will feel “breaks” and “jumps” in the sound produced by your headphones. You should replace your old sound card with a new and branded sound card to solve this problem.

Faulty wires

Faulty wires and wired connections can cause annoying sounds in your headphones. The headphones manufacturer has to make sure that each part of the headphone works appropriately, and the signal transmission is good.

Based on connections, there are two kinds of headphones, wireless and wired. The chances of production of the extraneous sounds are high in wired headphones, and that is why the cable should be checked regularly.

If the core of the cable is somehow damaged or stretched, extraneous sound and intermittent sounds will start appearing.

The damaged wires can cause noise sounds even on the iPhone. As the wire with the headphone is thin and flexible, it is very liable to damage.

A damaged or stretched conductor wire has a low ability to transmit the sound and electrical signals to and from the sound card, which results in the deterioration of the sound signals.

You can remove the wheezing and hissing in the headphone by replacing or repairing those parts of the wire which are torn or bare and unable to work normally. If the wire has damaged more than 80%, you should consider replacing the headphone.

Broken USB input

A USB input is the slot of the PC where you connect your PC accessories, and if these slots are broke or faulty, a malfunction in your sound reproduction could happen.

If your headphones are connected to the USB input of a PC, closed headphones can cause some issues with the sound playback.

In these cases, a mouse or keyboard will start to malfunction, which could result in hissing and whistling noises in your headphones. This thing can occur due to the overloading of your PC while it is transferring the information. It would help if you reduced this load.

You can do the following things for reducing the burden on PC

  • Switch the plug of keyboards or mouse to another port or slot.
  • You can purchase external port splitter, or you can repair it from the vendor.
  • Buy a wireless device.

The less attention to the problem of PC could lead to permanent failure of USB input ports, and it starts causing severe issues to your headphones.

Mouse noise

Sounds might make their way into your headphones when you scroll the page by your mouse—this sound is unbearable in some instances.

You should consider replacing the mouse, changing the port of the mouse, or installing and using an external sound card to remove these noises.

Lack of grounding outlets

It is an infrequent problem but still finds its impact on the working of the headphones. Lack of grounding can cause clicks, cracking, and other noises in your headphone.

The lack of grounding outlet problems only happens to stationary computers and laptops boards, usually grounded at the stage of their production.

You should contact the service center to remove the lack of grounding outlet problem because noises can be produced in your headphones.

The sound source does not work correctly

There are some rules of using the headphones, and if you violate them, you will find the malfunctions in the working of your headphones.

The faulty operation of the primary sound source is a hazardous problem, which can lead to the production of hissing and wheezing in your headphones.

The driver error can also occur, which can cause a malfunction in the sound source. This problem can be corrected by connecting different headphones to the sound sources, and if the hissing and continuous wheezing, consider replacing the driver software and sound source.

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