How to choose a headphone?

The headphone is a device that converts electrical signals into voice and sound. Headphones are now used as an essential part of every kind of musical system. But it is a fact that hardly some people know about good quality headphones. So it is a vital question in the mind of every technology related person that How to choose a Headphone?

The headphone’s right choice is more important nowadays because many headphone manufacturers claim their headphones are best in quality.


You should always choose a good quality headphone, but again the question is How to choose a headphone? We are going to guide you to this question in this article. In this article, we will discuss some headphones’ parameters, and after understanding them, you’ll surely be able to choose the best headphone model for you.

1. Purpose of Use

The purpose of the use is the most fundamental parameter you should consider while purchasing a headphone. For example, if you need the headphone for music listening only, then choose such a model that efficiently suits music listening. On the other hand, if you need headphones for skype listening and audiobook listening, you don’t need expensive headphones. But if you are recording and creating music, you’ll surely need a heavy-duty headphone. These heavy-duty headphones should have full frequency and high-quality sound transmission. So you can say that your purpose of use will define the model of headphones.

Before buying a headphone, ask yourself why you want to get a headphone? It will help you in choosing the right model for you. The second thing which is very necessary to consider is your budget. Establish a price range is conducive to choosing a good headphone in your budget. It will also reduce your effort and time both.


2. Appearance

Appearance is another critical parameter that you should consider while selecting a suitable headphone for you. You should be very clear that what shape of headphone will suits you the best. There are many types of headphones according to their designs and features. For convenience, we are giving you some options for headphones so that you can select the best headphone for you.

Wireless headphones are the most popular headphones nowadays because they are straightforward to use and handle. They don’t have any wires, which makes them very easy to use and greater freedom of action. As wireless headphones have no connectivity through the cables, the sound quality could be compromised some time.

The Earbuds are very less power consuming headphones, which are usually used with mobile devices. They are also called as Droplets due to the small size and structure. If you are a music quality lover, please don’t use the earbuds because they will cause deterioration in sound transmission. 

The Plugs are very similar to earbuds, but they have very much high quality and sound transmission then Earbuds.

On-ear headphones have many mounting options such as over the head (Headband), behind the head, and clip-on earphones. These headphones have a very high-quality sound transmission.

3. Convenience and Comfort

If you have a high-quality headphone and excellent sound transmission, but you are not comfortable with them. Will you choose them? Certainly not, because discomfort is the biggest hurdle in enjoying music through headphones. For your convenience and Comfort, you should always pay attention to the following parameters of headphones.

The Weight of Headphones: Low weight headphones are far more comfortable than bulky headphones. Always choose a light headphone, which will produce less tension and stress.

Material: Quality of the material of headphones is essential in making them comfortable to use. Always choose high-quality material headphones.

Mount: A convenient and comfortable headphone always has a secure mounting option with less stress and pressure. Intense pressures headphones, usually cause headaches and unpleasant experiences.

Additions: Additional accessories of headphones are also essential for their efficient working such as adopters and handbag or case.

3. Specifications

Specification of headphones means their technical characteristics. The following are some necessary specifications of headphones which you surely consider while purchasing a headphone for you.


Types of Headphones: We have already discussed types of headphones, which are Earbuds, wireless, plugs, and on-air headphones. We are highly recommending on-air headphones because they are perfect in sound recording and sound transmission. Wireless headphones give great freedom of action, and Droplets are easy to use with mobile devices.


Types of headphones based on sound insulation: Based on sound insulation, headphones are either closed or open. Closed headphones will provide the best sound insulation but sometimes can cause a resonance effect while open headphones have no sound insulation.


Rated Power and Impedance (Resistance): Resistance is very much lower for mobile devices headphones such as 32 ohms, but it is very much higher for studio headphones. The resistance is inversely proportional to the sound quality.


Sensitivity: The higher the sensitivity of headphones, the higher the quality of the sound they deliver. Sensitivity is inversely proportional to resistance.


Frequency Response: Frequency response is a mechanism of uniform distribution of the range of reproducible frequencies. A good headphone should always produce the sound in the frequency range of 20-20000 Hz, which is also the frequency range of the human ear.


The Level of Distortion: Lesser the level of distortion, the higher the quality of the sound transmission of a headphone.


The Diameter of the Membrane: Higher the diameter of the membrane, the better the quality of sound.


Type of Attachment: Handbag, case, and Adopter.

Connector: The connector is different for different devices, for example


  • For Player, Mini-jack 3.5
  • For mobile devices, Mini-jack 2.5
  • And for Mixer, Mini-jack 6.5


The Length of Cord: The length of the cord of headphones should be according to the device with which they are connected. For a player, a 120cm cord length is enough, but for a PC, it should be higher than 1.5m.

3. Subjective Perception:

Always focus on your ears to select good headphones for you. It would be best to take care of the following things while purchasing a good headphone for you.

  • The Purity of sound.
  • The depth of bass.
  • The effect of presence.
  • The saturation of sound
  • Clarity.

We hope that you have found an excellent answer to the question, “How to choose a headphone?” Thanks for reading.

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