How to Clean Your Headphones: In-Ear, On-Ear and Earpods

When you use the headphones for a long time and don’t clean them, they become filthy and need proper maintenance. Apart from the look, dust affects the sound of headphones severely. Dust can reduce the sound output of headphones if they are not cleaned thoroughly.

Plug-in models of headphones are the biggest victims of dust. That is why you should make a habit of cleaning headphones regularly.​ In this article, we will tell you some straightforward tricks and methods for cleaning your headphones.

1. How to clean in-ear headphones?

Cleaning in-ear headphones is very easy. You need a little amount of warm water in a small container, soap, a spare toothbrush, and a small towel for this purpose. You can use an ordinary detergent in the place of soap also. Add a little amount of soap or detergent in warm water and make a homogenous solution of it. You can use a bit damp kitchen towel also for this purpose.

First, dampen a cloth with the solution slightly and remove the covers of in-ear headphones. Clean the sheets thoroughly. Please take care of extra moisture because you are dealing with electronics. You can clean the inaccessible places with the help of toothbrushes. Please apply the toothbrush very softly so it should not harm delicate headphone parts. In the end, wipe the nozzles carefully with a rag.

That’s all. Put the headphones on a clean and dry towel and let them dry. This the most comfortable way of cleaning our headphones. You can also use hydrogen peroxide in place of the solution of water and soap. During all the cleaning process, you should always be kept in your mind that you are dealing with electronics, and even a little carelessness can cause a problem for you. That is why work carefully and in dry conditions.

2. How to clean earpods?

Airpods are a more costly model then ordinary in-ear headphones. That is why EarPods have a different method of cleaning from in-ear headphones. The cleaning method for Earpods is further dependent upon the model of Earpods. For example, some Earpods come with non-removable heads like Apple Earpods, which are very popular nowadays. Earpods with removable heads are more comfortable to clean then Earpods with non-removable heads. For cleaning Earpods, we need a spare toothbrush, a toothpick, rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol), and a soft rag. Remove the dust from the net of Earpods with the help of a toothpick. Do it carefully, because a very slight mistake can destroy the whole structure of Earpods. Remove all kinds of dust from both cups of headphones with the help of toothpick carefully. Now dip your fingers in rubbing alcohol and wipe the whole surface of Earpods with them. Now wipe wires and bowls of Earpods with the fingers without allowing the alcohol into bowls and other structures. Lay the Earpods on a clean cloth and let them dry. It is a prevalent method of using silicon tips for protecting the nozzles of Earpods. But it is under consideration now, because many people have reported that silicon tips can affect the sound of the Earpods.

3. How to clean on-ear and over-ear headphones

Now it is the turn of overhead and full-sized headphones. Usually, on-ear headphones have their safety because they have foam rubber and soft ear pods. You can easily clean foam pads with the help of a sticky cloth or vacuum cleaner. So it is somehow easier to clean the on-ear headphones in comparison to in-ear headphones and Earpods. If you have to clean the on-ear headphones, always do it with a damp cloth and don’t try to dip the headphones in the water. Please keep in mind that moisture is an enemy of your headphones. It can destroy or distort the structure of your valuable and expensive headphones. Keep the Air cushions clean to have a clean and powerful sound.

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