How to Connect AirPods Wireless Headphones to Apple’s Ecosystem

In the recent past, Apple Corporation has released its first AirPods wireless headphones. These headphones are mainly created for working with Apple gadgets and products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iWatch. Here’s how to connect Apple headphones to Apple’s technology

These AirPods Wireless headphones have a certain peculiarity. They can automatically connect and communicate with the iPhone and other Apple devices associated with the same user iCloud. It means that when you connect these headphones with your iPhone, the headphones will automatically connect with your other apple devices such as your Apple computer, watch, or iPod. This method is straightforward, elegant, and simple.


Apple wireless headphones contain a special W1 chip, which is integrated on the motherboard of the headphones. The W1 chip is an exciting and peculiar innovation primarily made for wireless communication control of the AirPods wireless headphones with each other. This chip also controls the connection of AirPods wireless headphones to other devices, and has a very vital role in making the signal more stable and robust.


The W1 chip has made the communication of AirPods wireless headphones with all the owner devices, straightforward, simple, and incredibly smooth. It is the features of this chip that attracts many users so much. Everything is automatic, frictionless, and you don’t have to do anything, except some preparatory work at the beginning.

1. Devices that officially support full-fledged work with AirPods

To work correctly, the device should be compatible with AirPods wireless headphones. If there is no compatibility issue, the AirPods wireless headphones will work flawlessly with the device.

You will be amazed to hear that the AirPods can be used with your Android phone and even with your windows computer. But in both these cases, the AirPods will work like regular and ordinary headphones. That is why you should not expect any high-quality music and additional function with both these cases.

For the sake of your convenience, we have summarized a list of gadgets and devices which have support for all headphone functions:

  • iPhone, iPad and iOS 10 or later version
  • Apple Watch (iWatch) with watchOS 3 or later version
  • Apple TV with TVOS 11 or later version
  • Mac with macOS Sierra or later 

How to Connect AirPods Wireless Headphones to Apple's Ecosystem
Connecting Apple Headphones to Apple’s Ecosystem | Source: Unsplash

2. For the initial setup of connecting headphones, Apple requires an iPhone.

Initial preparatory setup is essential to make the connection automatic between the AirPods and Apple devices. There is some configuration that needed to be done to bind the AirPods with the Owner account.
You need to do the following configurations steps before get going:

  1. In the first step, go to your phone’s home screen before unboxing the AirPods.
  2. Remove both the earphones from the box and put them next to the phone.
  3. After some time and animation of settings will appear on your phone screen, which will contain further instructions for settings.
  4. Signed-in iPhone into iCloud will automatically bind themselves to it and continue to connect to all devices that are signed in to the same iCloud account.
  5. Click the “connect” button. That’s it; the initial setup is over.

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