How to Make Wired Headphones Wireless Using a Bluetooth Receiver

As you have high quality and excellent wired headphones, it is an indication that you love the high-quality, deep, and clear sound. These wired headphones are brilliant as they produce fantastic sound with comfortable and reliable use. But sometimes you regret that you cannot use them wirelessly. Here you’re mistaken. You can use your wired headphones wirelessly with some modifications.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can turn your wired headphones into wireless headphones. If you agree to have an average quality of transmitted sound for convenience and comfort, you can easily convert any wired headphones into a wireless headphone.

For converting a wired headphone into a wireless headphone, you need a high-quality Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The conversion of wired headphones into wireless headphones follows a straightforward principle.

As in wired headphone, you connect the headphone to the computer through a wire, in the same way in case of a wireless headphone, you will connect your headphone to a computer using a Bluetooth receiver gadget. You can say that the headphone will communicate with a computer through Bluetooth.


FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Receiver
FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Receiver | Source: FiiO

1. How does a Bluetooth Audio Receiver look like?

Bluetooth Audio Receivers are compact devices and have a look similar to that of a flash drive. They have both input and output connections—a 3.5 mm audio cable jack with a MicroUSB input for charging the built-in battery. Such Bluetooth Audio Receiver has an on/off button also. This Bluetooth Audio Receiver or Bluetooth dongle is very comfortable and easy to use. You can easily connect it into your car to the AUX input and play the music from your smartphone through Bluetooth. It is easier to use at home, though.


But the critical thing which you should keep in mind is that these devices cannot produce a high-quality music sound. These devices simply provide a medium of communication by broadcasting data via Bluetooth. They ensure medium or low-quality music as their manufacturer only cares about their connection working; that’s all.


That is why we highly recommend that you use the dongle only if you are unable to buy a pair of good quality wireless headphones and if the sound quality does not matter for you.

2. Where can I buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver?

You can easily buy a Bluetooth Audio Receiver from the market and online stores. You can also purchase these dongles from leading online marketplaces such as Amazon and You might find them cheaper in these markets.


All Bluetooth Audio Receivers share similar working features. The difference is only among their designs and forms. There are some parameters and characteristics which you should always consider when buying a new Bluetooth Audio Receiver. These parameters are:


  • Supported Bluetooth software version
  • Battery life and battery capacity
  • Appearance and design
  • Look for the built-in microphone


Almost every Bluetooth Audio Receiver has differed in their external design only. Their technical features and specifications are approximately identical to each other. Nonetheless, you should always select a Bluetooth Audio Receiver with a built-in microphone because it will give you a high conversion rate, and you can use your headphone for calling purposes.


The expensive and cheap Bluetooth Audio Receiver has similar technical characteristics and specifications, but they are different in terms of construction and design. You can select a suitable Bluetooth Audio Receiver from the market quickly and convert your wired headphones into wireless headphones for convenience.

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