How to Prevent Hearing Loss from Headphones – Advice

It seldom happens that you might fear losing your hearing from listening to music using the headphones for too long. In this condition, considering you don’t want to quit using the headphones, you should take some precautions that are enough to prevent hearing loss

1. How to Avoid Hearing Loss and the Risks of Listening to music with Headphones

  • Follow the limits of headphones use. Don’t use the headphone for more than one hour in a row without more than 2 hours per day.
  • 80 dB sound level is a very critical level. A louder sound above 80dB can start hearing loss problems for you. For this problem’s solution, always make 60 dB as your threshold and don’t exceed form this. You can achieve this threshold in almost all of the music player by using the volume at 60%.
  • Use “Earplugs” in noisy places.
  • Do not make a piece of thunderous music in your headphones, all the noise to draw out. You can increase the volume slightly in this condition.
  • Always use closed headphones that will protect you from loud environments.
  • Giving rest to your ears is very important. Always give 40-60 minute rest to your ears. It will help you in taking care of your hearing, too.
  • If you listen in your in-ear headphones for a long time, take a break for at least one hour. It will help you in recovering your hearings.
  • If you have some budget, migrate from in-ear headphones to on-ear headphones.
  • After two hours of listening, always take a 15-30 minute break.
  • When talking with other peoples, always remove the headphones. It will help you concentrate on the conversation without any distractions.
  • Do not try to cover the wires under your clothing. Dangerous and harmful radio emissions can damage your body. It mainly happens when wires are in direct contact with your body.
  • Try to keep the music to yourself only. Peoples around you should not hear your music; it will cause distraction and disturbance for them, and it is a sign of high volume.


Hearing loss warnings
Hearing loss warnings | Source: Unsplash

2. Warnings

It happens that our hearing usually loses imperceptibility. There are some alarms in the body, which indicates there is a problem with your hearing. Your body tries to warm you in these cases. Urgently respond and check your hearing if:

  • Periodical Tinnitus appearance (only you hear it);
  • The surrounding sound starts muffling, and you are feeling it.
  • You are unable to figure out what is the interlocutor is talking about. It happens mainly in a noisy room.
  • When you are feeling some sounds more than their magnitude. Moderate sounds appear louder to you. You can even hear the pencil gnashing loudly.

3. Check your hearing

You should check your hearing frequently. You can take help from this hearing test video, which is a test for age-related hearing loss.

In this video, you will hear sounds of different frequencies. Nonetheless, your hearing will not be disturbed. Then the frequency starts rising until you are unable to hear any sound. The level from which you stop hearing will indicate the age of your hearing.

For example, if you cannot hear past the frequency of 12000 Hz – You are probably 50 years. Usually, it’s natural to hear sounds up to 18000 – 19000 Hz, and extremely rare to hear up to 20000 Hz.

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