How to Switch Music on Apple Headphones When Listening on the iPhone

The headphone is the best music accessory which has made our life more comfortable. You can do different kinds of stuff with the help of headphones on your phones, such as calling, listening to music, or voice conferences. However, only a few know that using Apple's headset with the iPhone provides total control to playback of music.

In this short article, we will guide you to the switching of music when you are listening on the iPhone or iPad. We will also tell you how you can take full control of your music player.

1. How to Control the Audio Playback On iPhone using Apple's headsets

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1.1 Start / Stop music playback

You have to start the music application on your iPhone only once. After this, the headphones will control your music playback. When you push the button of headphones, the music will start playing, and when you push this button again, it will stop the music playback.

1.2 Switch to the next song

You can easily switch to the next some by using Apple’s proprietary headset. You have to push the button twice (short presses) located on the Apple headphone, and you will be shifted towards the next song. Remember that the next song playing feature will be according to the sequence of your song list.

1.3 Switch to the previous song

Like switch to the next song, you can also switch to the previous song easily. This time you need to make three short presses on the button located on the headphone, and you will be shifted back towards your previous track. As the last feature, it will also work according to your music list sequence.

1.4 Fast forward a song

It sometimes happens that you don’t like a specific part of a song. Don’t worry; Apple headphone gives you a fast forward feature. This time you have to make two short presses on the button, but after the second press, you will hold the button and fast forward your song. Hold the button until your desired song part passes completely.

1.5 Answer Phone Calls

Answering voice calls is very easy if your iPhone is connected to the headphones. You can receive the incoming call by only pressing the button once. When you want to finish the call, press the button again, and your call will end.

1.6 Reject an incoming voice call

You can easily reject an incoming voice call if you don’t want to talk at the moment. For rejecting an incoming voice call, you only have to hold the button for two seconds, and your incoming call will be rejected automatically. You can confirm this by hearing a special notification on your headphone.

1.7 Switch between voice calls

You can switch between voice calls by short pressing the button on headphones. This will put on hold the previous call and start the new conversation.

1.8 Call Siri Voice Assistant

If you want to turn on Call Siri Voice Assistant, hold the button for two seconds, after which Siri will sound in the headphones, and you can begin to command.

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