Top Tracks of All Time for Audiophiles

This article, “Top Tracks for Audiophiles of All Time,” might feel a bit odd to you in the beginning. Some might even consider why can’t full albums be looked at instead of picking out selected tracks from them. The answer to that is straightforward. Each of them has varying compositions that deserve proper attention because of having incredible vocals, being recorded in high quality, and possessing a wide stage.

Natalie Merchant – “Peppery Man”

Close your eyes as soon as the music starts to flow, and you probably might be able to experience the real three-dimensional (3-D) sound image, which you listened to earlier. This track is a gem, and when you focus on the vocals against the background of this track. You can feel the voices of the artists floating in your room, like magic.

If you are willing to listen to this song, with due diligence, you will be able to find it in higher resolution (DSD). The original copy of this track, which is in Flac format, however, still sounds great. On the track timeline, after 2:04, you can experience a very neat and dense bass, which will make you feel delighted until the song ends. So, lean back on your couch and enjoy this masterpiece.

The White Buffalo – “The Matador”

The Matador is an exceptional song, and I suggest everyone listen to it. It has pliable pauses and transitions that are bound to mesmerize you while you listen to it. This song can hold your attention for as long as it continues. Jake Smith, who is the vocalist, delivers commendable seriousness, which you can observe in the whole middle range, and it will make you feel like you are his live audience. What makes it a reference track, in my opinion, is that you can emotionally bond with the great lyrics, and you will be more than happy to listen to it again.

Boz Scaggs – “Thanks To You”

After listening to this song for the first time, I realized immediately that this song possesses something special. The sound of the vocals is majestic and realistic to an amazing extent. I am quite sure that sound engineers managed to pull off something impossible while recording. This song manages to “raise” to the latest technology levels.

Melody Gardot – “Over The Rainbow”

This is a fantastic song that pleases the new vocal talents in the music industry and uplifted the “classics” to a very high level. Just like the previous soundtrack, it can be played on any audio system without compromising the listening experience, which definitely makes it special.
Like the previous one, this amazing record can challenge any audio system and has something special.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – “Tenderly (Verve Records 1956)”

You might have found yourself lucky to have participated in an amazing exhibition of the High-End and Hi-Fi audio system, some time ago, to experience the seamless scaling of this track on systems ranging from 100k up to 10 million.

The music composition of 1956 from Verve Recording, in my opinion, can be considered as one of the best works in the music industry.

The voices of Ella and Louis ought to have a distinguished place in the history of music. Their emphasis was on the naturalness which they created for music lovers. Moreover, the wide variety in the music of Louis Armstrong makes me appreciate him even more. I must mention here that this is not a real track that you could fully experience on headphones; rather, you would need speakers if you are to experience this track on a deeper emotional level.

Gregory Poter – “Liquid Spirit”

This music composition can be experienced best at 96 kHz / 24 bit. You will be amazed by the quality of the recording level, which makes “Liquid Spirit” an outstanding reference music track,

Shelby Lynne – “Just a little loving.”

It is a simple yet interesting song and has an excellent sensual recording. The vocals of this track are sweet and amazingly soulful. Although it has all these positives, it can sound harsh when you listen to it in low-resolution.

Mary Stalling – “Sunday Kind Of Love”

This song is simply an amazing track recorded live and possesses the wonderful tone of Mary Stalling’s phenomenal voice, which will excite you emotionally. In the sound arena, this track holds an exalted place and is one of the best live recordings which all music lovers ought to listen to.

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