Why the Built-In Sound Card is Not Suitable for Recording at Home?

Sound card plays a fundamental role in writing music on a computer. It converts sound signals into electrical signals and vice versa. Having a built-in sound card in your laptop or computer is a perfect thing because it saves both your budget and room on the table. You might have also noticed that the built-in sound card works efficiently compared to a standalone sound card.

If you are going to use a built-in sound card for home recording, please stop and read this article. When you record at home with a built-in card, we warn you that you will face specific recording problems. These problems will make the sound card no longer suitable for home recording.


You are surely thinking that why is the built-in sound card not suitable for recording at home? Don’t worry. We will elaborate on all the problems you will face in-home recording with a built-in sound card with their solution.

1. Problem 1: How to connect a guitar to a Laptop or PC?

The guitar is a necessary musical instrument that is used in all kinds of music recordings. The first problem that you’ll face by using a built-in sound card is how to connect a guitar to a laptop because there is no large-jack for a built-in sound card laptop for a guitar. Then what will you do? Certainly, you will go to the electronic market and try to manipulate the jack for connecting the guitar by using an adapter. It temporarily solves your problem, but it will destroy your computer and its wires with passing the time as the adapter always loses contact with the wire.

2. Problem 2: Why is the sound so miserable?

Trust us; you will experience a miserable sound when you record using a built-in sound card at your home. At first, when you find some adapter, you’ll get some sound recordings, but with the passing time, it will turn into a terrible hiss. You will hear processor squeaking in your sound. And find only darkness with all your distorted tunes and zero results.

3. How does a sound card affect sound recording at home?

Are you undoubtedly keen to know how does a built-in sound card affect your home recording? Well, we are going to explain it to you. When you will buy a cheap and less expensive laptop or a computer, of course, it will also have a cheap sound card. This thing will make your recording miserable with nil results. You will only get only the noises from computer boxes.

In the recent past, many manufacturers of laptops and computers start integrating on-board audio-level cards. They play the music with high resolution (192 kHz). You can use these kinds of laptops or computers if you want to use a built-in sound-card.

4. A sound card for a computer is not suitable for recording.

Even if you have high-quality DAC (Digital to Analog converters) in your sound card, you still have to record music to listen to it. You cannot connect a guitar or a microphone to a sound card without using adapters, and you cannot record the music in clear sound. If you have not recorded the music in clear sound, you cannot listen to it clearly, even if you have high-quality DAC.
There is an additional problem of a built-in sound card that you have to pay separately for a DAC when you buy a laptop for home recording.

5. Conclusion: You need to buy an external sound card

For the sake of getting rid of all these problems, you have to buy an external sound card and connect it with your computer. There many external sound cards that have DAC and ADC combined in one device.
You can connect it to a laptop or computer via USB cable or a FireWire Connector cable. It is effortless to connect guitar and microphones with these external sound card devices because they have a proper jack system for a guitar-like device. These devices can be easily attached to any MIDI recording device. You will feel a perfect experience with these kinds of tools in recording at your home.

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