Why Wireless Headphones are Not Charging

Charging your wireless headphone is the same as you are charging your mobile. The method of charging a Bluetooth headphone is only in the connector features and specific design models. Most wireless headphones have a micro-USB connector through which they can be charged very easily and quickly. You only need a good quality cable to charge these headphones.

6 reasons why Wireless headphones won’t charge

The manufacturer of wireless headphones usually highly recommends that you should always use the original cable for charging the headphones. The standard cable is the factory cable that comes with the headphones. The same is for the charging adapter. The voltage is different for different adapters.

If you try to charge your headphones with some other devices’ equipment, you will probably break the connector or parts of the headphones, and your wireless headphone will not charge whatever you do.

Following are some reasons why your headphone is not charging and malfunctioning:

  • The device is disconnected from the charger;
  • The battery is wasted;
  • Bluetooth could be off;
  • There is a fault in the connection between your headphones and sound source;
  • The headphone is not in the range of the sound source;
  • The headphone is out of order and not working correctly.


How to troubleshoot your wireless headphones

If your headphones are not showing on the sound device, make sure it is charging correctly. The wireless headphones come with an installed battery. The working time of the headset varies with models. Some models can work up to 50 hours without charging and some only 4-5 hours.

If you are charging your headphones by using the USB cable of your laptop, make sure this USB cable and USB port work properly. It sometimes happens that not all USB ports transmit the required voltage, which is why you should always take care of that. If the headphones are not charging in one port properly, you should try another USB port of the laptop.

How to charge wireless headphones
Charging wireless headphones properly | Source: Unsplash

How to charge wireless headphones the right way

The principle of charging is the same for a wireless headphone like other wireless devices. But the charging process is different in specific designs.

The general instructions for charging your wireless headphones are as follows:

  1. Take the micro-USB cable for recharging (located and standard).
  2. Connect the one end of the charging cable to the headphone, which is mainly designed for it. Some port connectors may be different for different headphones.
  3. Connect the second end of the wire to the laptop port.
  4. It is not recommended that the device be fully discharged.


  1. The temperature of your room while charging your headphone should be standard room temperature means 5-30 degrees.
  2. Always turn off your headphone while recharging them.
  3. If you keep your device unused for a long time, its battery will die and require 3-4 recharges before coming into normal mode.
  4. The same will happen with the indicator light when you have not used your device for a long time. You should wait for 4-5 minutes until the red light on the indicator light up.
  5. It is highly recommended that you charge your device’s battery once in six months.
  6. Do not expose your headphones to extreme temperature fluctuation as high humidity or sun can easily damage the headphone.
  7. If the headphones have not been used for a long time, it takes a little longer to charge fully.
  8. You should change your battery from the service center if your battery time reduced.
  9. Make sure that your laptop does not go to sleep before headphone charging completion.

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