Streaming Deal – TIDAL Offers the Chance to Stream Hi-Res Content at an Affordable Price

If you are looking forward to gaining access to a music streaming platform that offers 60 million high-quality streams, you should have a look at TIDAL, and take advantage of the TIDAL Spring Offer, which will help you enjoy good music without breaking it.

Music streaming is extremely popular among music lovers out there in the world. That’s because it is the most convenient method to enjoy the best music from around the world.

The TIDAL Spring offer allows the subscribers to get four months’ access for just $4 or £4. In other words, you can enjoy continuous music streaming for 120 days. You can even share your TIDAL subscription with five other people. Hence, it can be considered as the most cost-effective method available to enjoy good music as of now.

Even if TIDAL is offering such a great deal, the quality of the service is never compromised. You can get music streaming at the standard quality of 320kbps. In addition to that, the TIDAL Premium Tier will help you to enjoy audio content in CD quality of 16-bit or high-resolution of 24-bit. You will never have to complain about the sound quality offered by TIDAL.

Tidal Streaming Service
Tidal Streaming Service | Source: Tidal

The secret behind the sound quality of TIDAL

TIDAL is an award-winning Hi-Fi service for outstanding sound quality. It has been able to secure the award for the best music streaming service around the world. You can enjoy music streaming offered by TIDAL in any given situation. In other words, you can stream music in a variety of devices, including the car, PC, mobile phone, tablet, TV, Hi-Fi system, or smart speakers.
This is the very first service to provide high resolution streaming to the people in need. This streaming service is called as TIDAL Masters. It is powered up with MQA technology. The library of it contains around 170,000 titles as of now.
You can listen to the best quality audio in 24-bit/96KHz resolution. It is much better when compared to the sound quality offered by Apple Music and Spotify. The music you listen will be highly detailed and powerfully emotive. Hence, you will fall in love with every bit of the service.

You will be able to get 320kbps sound quality out of TIDAL in CD quality compared to the other competitor streaming services. Hence, you can make the decision to sign up for a TIDAL subscription, while leaving behind the other options available to consider.

Tidal Catalogue 60 million tracks
Tidal Catalogue | Source: Tidal

Comprehensive catalog curation

TIDAL offers a rich catalog, which contains more than 60 million. Therefore, you will be able to get your hands on an endless library. You can keep on listening to good music, and you will never get bored with it.
There is an old school type search bar available in TIDAL as well. It can be used to locate the best titles or best genres according to your preferences. On top of that, you can find an advanced algorithm inside TIDAL, which is capable of providing personalized mixes to you, according to your taste of music.

TIDAL offers much more than traditional music streaming.
If you want to get something more than traditional music streaming, you must take a look at the services offered by TIDAL. For example, you will be able to get your hands on an excellent collection of podcasts, which contain interviews and exclusive insights related to the music industry. On top of that, there are more than 250,000 HD quality music videos available in the library as well. It contains artist documentaries, visual albums, and many other visual contents. 

You can go ahead and get your hands on TIDAL. It guarantees to provide you with endless entertainment for months to come!

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