360 Reality Audio – The latest Sound Format by Sony

Sony is a brand that continuously works to enhance the sound quality offered by the audio systems. The latest innovation offered by the brand to enhance sound quality is called 360 Reality Audio. This is a new 360 reality sound technology. It will be able to provide you with the chance to listen to real-world sounds, even closer to the live sound.

This technology will be launched to the market along with new speakers and headphones manufacture by Sony. If you want to create and play songs, where you can feel the immersed sound, you should think about getting your hands on a product that comes with 360 Reality Audio technology.


What is 360 Reality Audio?

360 Reality Audio is quite different from the traditional stereo format. The traditional stereo format is created with a certain number of speakers placed according to a pre-designed scheme. However, 360 Reality Audio is creating surround sound with a set of virtual speakers.
When you are using a traditional audio system, such as a 5.1 channel surround sound system, you will need to arrange the speakers in such a way so that you can get the sounds offered in a horizontal plane. However, technology has changed it, and now you have the freedom to place the different objects in any given position. You can place the sound objects in front of you, below you or even behind you.

One of the best features that you can find in 360 Reality Audio is that it is designed to ensure the realistic production of sounds in the headphones. Therefore, we will be able to find out how the Sony headphones launched in the future can provide solid sound images from a distance.
All the Sony audio systems expected to launch in the future will come along with 360 Reality Audio technology. It has already been tested successfully with 2018 – WH-1000XM3. This technology will also be made available for the existing product owners by updating the Sony Headphones Application.

As of now, Sony is working with a variety of recording labels to produce sounds in the new format. Then we will be able to witness all the benefits that are associated with it. This technology has the potential to transform the market of audio equipment, including headphones in the future.

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