Everything you Need to Know About the New Sonos Arc Multiroom Soundbar, and Sonos Five speaker

Sonos is a brand that specializes in the manufacturing of multiroom speakers. The brand officially announced that they are looking forward to launching a new soundbar, a subwoofer, and five new speakers to the market. They will be called Sonos Arc, Sonos Sub, and Sonos Five, respectively.

All these are multiroom audio equipment, which can give you the chance to experience the best quality sounds, especially music and movies.

The new Sonos Arc soundbar will be in a position to replace Playbar. The premium soundbar that provides an excellent acoustic spectrum while delivering deep sounds. In addition, Sonos will also stick to Dolby Atoms Standard with the soundbar.

Sonos' New Soundbar

The soundbar will be made out of 11 different speakers. Out of them, two speakers are oriented upwards to deliver the soundscapes, which directors expect. On the other hand, this collection of speakers is well-calibrated with the participation of sound engineers who are rewarded with Oscars.

You can get voice optimization capabilities along with the soundbar. Therefore, you can listen to voices with enhanced clarity. On the other hand, it provides a night function, which will help you to enjoy the soundtracks without disturbing anyone. TruePlay Technology is available with this product as well. It can calibrate the sounds according to objects that you have placed in the room. You will be able to get the most out of this feature from the Sonos app. You can control this with the smart home assistants you have as well.

The soundbar is available in either white or black colors. You can purchase it from the 1st of June for a price of € 900. After the purchase, you can easily pair it with the Sonos Sub subwoofer. Then you can end up getting the best quality sound output.

The new Subwoofer

The new Sonos Sub belongs to the third generation. It provides the same design and power when compared to the previous model. You can buy this from the 10th of June for a price of around € 800.
The latest Sonos 5 multiroom speaker will be able to replace Play 5. You can even install it vertically or horizontally as the previous product. Then you will be able to get it to create a stereo sound environment. You can purchase it from June for a price of € 580.

Bonus Application

A new version of the Sonos application will also be available for the customers to download. The new application will offer a modern interface, which you can use to control the sub and speakers with minimum effort. The content offered by the application is optimized. On the other hand, it can provide all the support needed for personalization. You can even use the application to supervise speakers that you have installed around the home with ease.

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