Jabra Evolve2 Headsets Feature a New Chipset and Enhanced ANC to Provide Longer Life and Longer Range

Jabra recently introduced Jabra Evolve2 Headsets to the market. These headsets are available in three different models as Evolve2 65, Evolve2 85, and Evolve2 40. All of them are over the hear headphones, but there is variation in the design.

When you compare these with the first generation headphones, you will be able to find how they offer better noise reduction capabilities. It is due to the optimized design and efficient ANC system.
The developers behind Jabra Evolve2 Headsets have taken appropriate measures to enhance the overall sound quality while boosting microphones’ performance. You will be able to triple the range offered by the headsets with Bluetooth technology. That’s because it has an advanced digital chipset. You will also be able to get a decent battery life out of the headset, lasting for around 37 hours. They are currently launched to the market along with Open Office standards.
Jabra Evolve 2 85 Pic
Jabra Evolve2 85 | Source: Jabra
When you take a look at the Evolve2 85 headset, you will figure out that it comes with an ANC digital hybrid system. A total number of 10 microphones are available. Out of these 10 microphones, two are in tilt boom. On the other hand, it offers 40mm speakers, which can provide the best quality sound output to you. You can get the same sound output while you are listening to music as well. Both cups of the headphone contain a light indication, which can provide a clear view of the business to you to people around you.

You can find three microphones in the Evolve2 65 headset. One is located in the right cup, whereas the other two are located in the bar. You can purchase both these headphones in stereo and mono.

You will be able to get Jabra Link 380 along with Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 65. This Jabra adapter offers support for USB-A and USB-C versions. On the other hand, Jabra Xpress Software Can provide headset management and firmware upgrades to you in the future.

Prices of new products: Evolve2 85 – $ 449, Evolve2 65 stereo – $ 249 (mono – $ 239), Evolve2 40 stereo – $ 139 (mono – $ 129). If equipped with a desktop charging cradle, $ 50 should be added to the price of Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 65.

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