Cowin E8 Review – Affordable and Reliable Bass Headphones with Noise Cancellation

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Cowin is very well known on Amazon since, they are quite simply the best selling headphones. The CowinAudio company offers noise reduction headphones and seeks to provide headphones with the best possible quality/price ratio. Indeed, you don’t pay a big brand like Sony or Bose, but you still get a quality product for a couple hundred dollars.

In this regard, Cowin E8 are not suitable just for those people who love a fantastic sound but will also be welcomed by those who are already tired of constantly tangled wires and pricey noise-cancelling headphones. Almost everyone wants to get high-quality and inexpensive headphones; thus, COWIN E8 might be the right option for such people.

Cowin E8 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Cowin E8 Specifications – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g

Cowin E8 Overview

Cowin E8 ANC headphones are some of the cheapest headphones with ANC that deliver one of the best sound reproduction. They are comfortable and feature good noise cancelling performance for the budget. These Bluetooth headphones Cowin E8 ANC were designed so that you could enjoy your favorite music while traveling and in many other situations. With them, you can also make calls comfortably wherever you are.


Inside Cowin E8’s package, the headphones are found in a very stylish and robust black carrying case which contains detachable cables and plugs and other additional accessories. Apart from the headset, the package also includes a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm audio cable to establish a wired connection, and a user guide. The wired connection will make the headset even more durable and will save battery life.

Design & Ergonomy

The headphones are made with a mixture of smooth and matte black materials for a very classy and stylish look. It includes gold details that provide even more style and distinguishes it from headphones in the same price range. Despite its rather imposing size, this flexible and light headset is adjustable according to its user’s morphology and can swivel up to 90 degrees.

While the E8’s earpads are replaceable, the headband padding is not. During the first days of use, the headband is a bit firm and lacks flexibility. This is due to the thicker padding in this area. Nevertheless, you will benefit from a stable and comfortable headset for a long time.

The assembly and choice of materials are of good quality, but the yellowish gold color stripes on the headband give COWIN E8 a superficial, cheap look.

The headset is fully upholstered in soft and high-quality eco-leather. Cowin E8 is comfy and convenient to wear thanks to its large earcups enveloped in cozy cushions. We can say that the headphones are pleasant to use, comfortable for a few hours of wearing.

In terms of controls, the right earcup contains standard control buttons that allow you to control the headphones: play music and answer calls, adjust the volume, and power on/off the headset. On the left side at the bottom is a charging socket (micro USB) and a LED on the side that adds good visual symmetry and aesthetics.

Bluetooth & Technology

Pairing via Bluetooth happens quickly and naturally the first time and automatically all subsequent times. If you listen from different devices, then only the last one will be automatically connected when you change the device.

Cowin E8 has Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which allows for single device pairing. This means that you cannot switch between other Bluetooth sources.

The headset’s ability to switch to other Bluetooth devices is adequate if you are using it for work purposes, for example, accepting a conference call while listening to your podcast. It also means that Cowin E8 is more suitable for personal use than for work purposes.

Another missing feature of the Cowin E8 Bluetooth headphones is the Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing, which means that the headset cannot be paired with other NFC devices, making it more tedious for users.

Regarding autonomy, Cowin E8 headphones have a very long battery life of 545mAh that, with its ANC and Bluetooth technology on, can deliver a 24-hour playtime; thus, you will be able to use them for a long time before charging. When compared to E7, the E8 has the advantage of offering a longer playing time.

Of course, the microphone has not been forgotten, thanks to which the headphones become a hands-free set, with 24-25 hours of autonomy. When it runs out, the headphones don’t become useless. Just connect them to the player with a cable, and you can continue using it.

Noise Cancelling

The sound quality is great! Clean, deep, with pleasant bass! The fit of the ear cushions to the head is excellent, and with the noise cancellation powered on, you’ll be surprised at how good these affordable NC headphones from Cowin can suppress your neighbor’s ranting.

The headphones are wireless, though its active noise cancellation technology significantly reduces noise to help you focus on what you want to hear, whether you listen to music with wires or without.

Cowin advertises that the active noise cancellation (ANC) function can attenuate external sounds by 32 decibels. Although that’s not true, the noise-canceling headset does a better job at reducing a substantial number of sound decibels from various ranges; bass, mid-range, and high-range frequencies. This implies that the ANC can cancel airplane noise and bus engine noise to a decent degree and block out conversational speech.

Therefore, it allows the enjoyment of music during traveling, but it may be less effective in busy office spaces because the headphones are leaking sound.

Sound Quality

Cowin E8 ANC Bluetooth headphones deliver fantastic sound quality. The noise-canceling headphone has a 100 dB sensitivity that provides a deep, powerful, and clear sound, ensuring a better and more spectacular listening experience.

The earcups incorporate 40mm drivers that produce clear and dynamic stereo sound. To further improve its quality, the manufacturer has used an active noise reduction system that mutes ambient noise, allowing you to fully focus on the music.

The sound quality is considered acceptable but not the best on the headphone market. So let’s start with the bass, which is the key component of sound quality when it comes to headphones that emphasize the low-end of the audio spectrum. The bass only manages to blend in with the thudding and common noise of heavy bass music, which means you can still enjoy the bass’s smooth sounds. However, both the mid and high bass make the overall bass sound a bit too heavy due to the frequencies’ over-emphasis.


The COWIN brand is establishing itself more and more in the world of multimedia through its sound engineering. Within the $100 and $200 price range, it’s clear that Cowin E8 aims at the mid-range market. It’s not the most affordable noise-cancelling headset and clearly not the best. It has some good aspects but leaves a lot to desire.

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