Sony MDR-HW700DS Review

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Even in your own home, it can be impressive to isolate yourself from the outside world with a great pair of TV headphones. Just like in a soccer stadium or a movie theater, you can have a great experience – being in front of a TV or sports show that you won’t want to leave for long. All you have to do is choose an excellent headset. To achieve this goal and provide users with a great experience, Sony has introduced MDR-HW700DS headphones. The Sony MDR-HW700DS review covers key aspects of the headphones regarding performance, sound, design, and other elements.

We took the liberty of testing the Sony headphones to cover components and performance details, as did several other users. If you need more information before making a decision, we recommend that you follow the sections below.

1. Overview | 2. Quick Review of Sony MDR-HW700DS | 3. Package | 4. Design & Ergonomy | 5. Bluetooth & Technology | 6. Sound Quality | 7. Conclusion

Sony MDR-HW700DS TV Wireless Headphones Review

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1. Overview – not finished

Type: Over-ear Noise Cancelling Headphones | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Battery: 30 Hours | Charging: 4 Hours | Drivers: Dynamic | Drivers-Size: 45 mm | Weight: 385g



2. Sony MDR-HW700DS Review

To be completed

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Sony MDR-HW700DS – Package Accessories Bundle | Source: Sony

3. Package

Overall 4/5

The headsets come with a 1.5-meter charging cable, a micro-USB-USB cable, a warranty card, and a user manual. As this headset is wireless, you’re also supplied with a base that simply connects to and communicates with your audio/video system via radio waves. The flat station base measures 220 x 32 x 157 mm.

4. Design & Ergonomy

Overall 4/5

This headset is a bit bulky at first glance. However, it has a delicate finish and a plastic coating that makes it very light despite its “solid” surface. The lining is also thicker and more pleasant to wear. The presence of leather also increases the comfort of this device and makes it a high-quality headset. With these nice housings and its nice design, the HW700 DS is one of Sony’s great TVs.

We really appreciate the convenience of the Sony MDR-HW700DS. When we the headset on the head, the earcups were tight, but we didn’t feel any awkward pressure throughout. Regarding the earcups, we also noticed that the shape covers the entire ear, allowing you to have more sound in your ears and less interference from the people around you.

Despite the robustness of the headphones, the renowned Japanese manufacturer Sony uses mainly plastic in the construction of MDR-HW700DS. The plastic used is quite rigid and mixed with imitation leather, which gives the headset a very representative look. As you know, the plastic material makes the headphones light and easy to clean. Therefore, they’re incredibly pleasurable to wear in front of the TV for a long time. At the same time, we have noticed that the plastic’s quality is not exactly good because it is very sensitive to risk, which makes us think that it is not produced for eternity.

There’s an HDMI output on the back of the station base to connect to your TV, including three large HDMI inputs to connect all other audio sources. Whether it’s a set-top box, a Blu-ray player, or a game console, you’ll have no problem doing it in a box. Just make sure you have a compatible 4K TV.

It’s better to use a 4K compatible HDMI connector than connect the Sony MDR-HW700DS mount to your TV with a coaxial or optical cable.

With the HW700DS, make sure that the case is complete and that you do not need a jack to connect the headphones and the processor. Simply connect the audio source to one of the inputs, select that input, and the sound will go directly to the headphones

It’s important to remember that the different headsets’ controls can be found quickly to increase performance. There is a dial for selecting tones, selection, navigation buttons, and a button to scroll through the different inputs. There is also a button to select one of the three sound modes. The other headset, on the other hand, has a power button and a USB port.

5. Bluetooth & Technology


The headsets are rechargeable, which pleases its owners a lot because you never miss a single TV show or game. The range of up to 30 meters allowed us to get to the other side of the house without losing the headphones’ sound. Although some other TVs provide portability up to 100 meters, we consider a 30-meter high Sony headset to allow you to move freely around the house.

If the battery is low, you can also recharge it using the micro-USB plug; this is even easier if the headphones are equipped with an AC adapter or USB port to charge them directly on the chassis. That way, you don’t have to rely on your computer to recharge.

In terms of range, we also appreciate that the headset provides a 12-hour range, giving you plenty of time to finish a soccer game or watch a movie at home. Although it takes three hours of charging, the headsets have a range of about 1.5 meters (from the charging cable).

When you look at the base station, you’ll notice several inputs: HDMI ARC output for compatible TVs, optical input/output (including cable), and RCA input, including an analog input.

To select an input, simply press the “Input” button on your headphones, press the “Control” button at the top of the box, or select an input directly from the “Input” button on your headphones. It also supports 4K and 3D video, including audio up to 192 kHz/24-bit.

To adjust the volume, simply press the effect button. Another feature is that if you are watching a movie with an explosive soundtrack, there is a compressor that compresses the sound (the compressor is included).

6. Sound Quality


As far as sound quality is concerned, I can safely say that there are a lovely accuracy and a nice mix of sound output. The sound of the two headphones seems balanced. The depth of the different highs and lows is really cool, and you get used to a nice mix with high-quality headsets. The drivers also play beautifully, clear, and soft. As far as the bass is concerned, it is pretty powerful and has a nice presentation, even at 20 Hz. If you like bass, you will love it.

We have found that the sound is transmitted to the headphones via the dual-band of 2.4 GHz and the dual-band of 5 GHz to avoid obstacles and radio interference. We discovered that interruptions were very rare, unless we were a little further away from the transmitter, more than 30 meters away.

Another fantastic aspect is the presence of surround sound, which provides an extraordinary, engaging sound experience. The headphones are also equipped with the DTS Neo:X system, which reproduces the environmental and directional effects of the movie you’re watching.

They also feature two large, dynamic 50mm diameter speakers and powerful neodymium magnets for powerful, vivid sound. You can choose from three audio modes—movie, game, and voice.

7. Conclusion

Overall 4.5/5

In conclusion, we would just like to say that the Sony MDR-HW700DS is also a great headset that allows you to enjoy TV in complete silence. Thanks to the ring cup and pillow, you can enjoy long hours of use without being bothered by pain. Even at a distance of 30 meters, you can receive the television’s sound with the headphones. Its simple design and classy appearance make it the perfect device for everyday use. If you want to enjoy surround sound from Sony, you’ll love these headphones. You won’t regret listening to them for hours.



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