Review: AKG K-240 Studio

AKG K-240 Studio

I had the opportunity to try a close friend’s headphones, and much to my confidence I borrowed his AKG K-240 for some days. He made his purchase mainly based on the positive reviews on K-240 seen on the internet. Having experience testing different studio headphones in the past, I also wanted to get a glimps of what these budget friendly studio headphones around $50 can offer and compare them with the rest.

Spoiler: The sound is impeccable, very balanced, we hear perfectly all the nuances. It isolates very well from outside noise, which allows to really focus on what we listen to. It’s a bit warm, but it’s not stuffy.

The manufacture seems serious, for a small amount of money you are provided with an audio product of great value. In any case, the headphones are excellent and at an affordable price.


As the name implies, the AKG K-240 Studio is designed for studio activities. The very affordable semi-open studio headphones from the renown audio manufacturer AKG are reserved for professional audio production where accurate sound reproduction is vital.

Key Features

  • Neutral and accurate sound
  • Wide audio spectrum (15 – 25000 Hz)
  • Replaceable earpads
  • Open-back design

AKG K-240 Studio Review

When the reviewing has come to an end, I concluded that these studio headphones are breathtaking; the sound is accurate, precise and has very good dynamics. In the midst of the review, as the hours went by I found myself listening to music for several hours in absolute comfort and without any embarrassment; No tiredness or ear fatigue. Excellent for practicing playing music discreetly. One little downside had it the earcups. On summer time, after a few hours my ears begin to sweat, nonetheless that’s manageable with a set of velour pads.

The AKG K240s have a detachable cable with a commendable length to effortlessly move around the kit and does not interfere with the comfort. Unlike the previously reviewed studio headphones from Beyerdynamic, K-240’s earpads are replaceable; aside from this minor detail, the earpads are comfortable in such a way that after a few hours of wearing you get so used to your headphones you barely notice them.




Recording and Mixing

3 m Spiral cable / 3.5 mm Plug connector / 6.3 mm Screw-on adapter

Let’s jump into one of the most important aspects: The Sound.

The AKG K240s posses a balanced sound packed with present mids and bass, in addition to that, the highs are absolutely clear too. Almost every audio frequency is present to quietly hear everything from the music. The soundstage is imposing. When playing a complex song featuring a lot of instruments, although there’s a concotion of sounds, there’s also an incredible, unrivaled clear separation of all music components. The stereo effect is incomparable as you could notice from my description. Listening to these cheap professional studio headphones, I am finally thrilled again!

Advantages & Disadvantages of AKG K-240 Studio

While reviewing the AKG K240, I encountered just one minor problem:

The artificial leather pads are prone to make your ears sweat, which isn’t exciting for long wearing, however this problem can be solved by buying separate velour pads. Neither the new pads, nor K240s actual earpads aren’t bad in terms of comfort, so if you don’t mind a minor modification, you’re good to go with a good cheap studio headphones which are going to set a new standard among your previous purchases.

  • Flat and accurate sound
  • Wide soundstage
  • Replaceable earpads
  • Perspiration due to earpads material


I recommend it for its content price, excellent performance and very much appreciated comfort. If you are interested in a nicely done monitoring headphone with excellent, neutral sound for audio engineers, monitoring, and suitable even for video games or listening to music, this product is the right choice. Unfortunately, since I am not able to test them for a prolonged amount of time given the conditions stated at the beginning of this article, I can not rate the longevity.

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