Review: Bose QuietComfort QC20i – NC Earphones with Flawless Audio

Bose QuietComfort QC20i

Looking at a stunning set of earphones with active noise canceling from one of the most renown audio equipment manufacturer, we cannot but react with enthusiasm at the sight of these nicely produced stylish and exquisite sounding pieces of in-ear headphones with noise canceling.

As great looking and modern as they look, the sound seems to be indeed charming and neat as it goes. The in-ears QC20i, although it carries the Bose hallmark, aren’t extraordinarily high priced as considered before testing them, and as I am, you will too be shocked to find out the price is accurately adjusted and on-point with everything it provides.

Based on our judgement, the Bose QuietComfort QC20i don’t just have a highly effective NC and clean audio reproduction with transparent neutrality but have also demonstrated they are one of the best in-ear headphones with ANC for the value.


Bose QuietComfort QC20i is a pair of earphones enhanced with top-tier noise canceling technology (ANC) and takes part in the popular QuietComfort series which Bose is best known for – Headphones designed heavily for travel use or people who fancy a convenient listening in a loud, noisy space.

Key Features

  • Compelling sound
  • Potent active noise cancelling
  • Battery can last up to 15h
  • Large frequency spectrum range (20 – 20 kHz)

Bose QuietComfort QC20i Review

When you’re willing to pull up to $200 from your pockets to obtain a pair of earphones of the highest quality, there will mostly be two primary concerns: sound quality and build quality.

You’d be stupid to buy something so expensive knowing the construction is rather flimsy and risk to make a bad investment. However, I can happily assure you I can take this concern off your shoulders because Bose is an expert in audio equipment engineering and not only do they have implemented one of the best ANC into their gears, but they also pay granular attention to the overall quality of the product’s ergonomics, design, and material used for durability. In short, yes;

The build of QC20i is faultless and impeccable, but there’s more than its sturdy construction that makes them so lavish and appealing. The stylish look and excellent finish embody a very luxurious design which usually makes you nostalgic whenever you think of listening to some music.



QuietComfort QC20i

Casual listening, Traveling

Carrying case, USB cable, Clothing clip, Control module, 3 pairs StayHear+

The other concern, although it’s the latter in this review, speaks more volume. But once the product qualifies as trustworthy and stable for the long haul, our next priority becomes the musicality and stereophonic reproduction since these are the quintessence of great-sounding in-ear headphones, and although the subject is one of Bose’s audio product, I will stay ruthless and unbiased in matter of sound performance of their earphones with NC, Bose QuietComfort QC20i.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bose QuietComfort QC20i

The audio quality is impressive, and the sonic spectrum is firmly balanced on its entirety, there’s a praiseworthy flatness with a few exceptions in the bass area where the bass response goes up by approximately 5 dB more than its music source. As described technically, the bass is not much elevated, but rather a little boomy, which is pleasurable and fits the preferences of people who love and savour their music more fun. It’s not lacking, but there’s also not much special about it. It’s an adequate quantity as I would say.

The same goes for mids, except there are two prominent areas, more precisely at 1.5 kHz and between 6 and 10 kHz, thus providing a sparkly sense of male and female vocals sound, soloists vocals feel detailed, rich and forward. More interesting than so, it’s that the QC20i has a beautiful flair in that frequency area which is hard to describe in mere words.


With such a device, I somehow wonder why you would need a professional, dedicated studio headset when you can get a pair of QC20i from Bose and have fun mixing your tracks while listening to music casually for own pleasure. All in all, the sound neutrality is quite amazing, but these pair of earphones wouldn’t suffice the needs of a true referencing headphone.

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