Studio Recording – Learn the Essentials of Creating Music in Studio and at Home

A microphone is a basic and essential thing if you are going to do voice recording at your home. Your recording depends on your microphone's quality because it is the first medium through which your voice passes first. If you record your voice with an excellent quality microphone, you will get outstanding results in the form of pleasure and a clear voice.

1. Types of Headphones

Based on the design, the headphones are divided into various types. For example, earphones, earmuffs, earbuds headphones, monitor headphones, overhead headphones, on-ear headphones, neckband headphones, and many other types. Earphones and True Wireless headphones are headphones that come under one category, named in-ear headphones. These headphones are used directly in the ears. This class of headphones’ main features is compactness, low price, discreetness, and ease of use. But these headphones also have low sound quality in comparison with other headphones. This type of headphones is commonly used for compact, portable players or smartphones.

1.1 One-way headset

The one-way headset is equipped with only one audio driver to transmit sound to one ear. This kind of device will enable you to receive information from the headphones and the environment simultaneously. Commonly, employees of different customer support centers and emergency services officials are the primary user of one-way headsets.

1.2 Earbuds

Earbuds are the most common type of headphones because numerous portable players are equipped with these headphones. This type of headphones involves no soundproofing, and they reproduce the low frequencies in an exceedingly unappealing quality because the membrane is tiny. Additionally, all earphones are not equally suitable for everyone because different people have different physiologies. This type of headphone can quickly come out of the ear when on exposure to the wire. But the earbuds have one unquestionable benefit – a low price that makes them affordable for almost all community classes, even for the people with less income.

1.3 Earphones

These headphones are smaller than the earbuds in terms of diameter. For this reason, you can place them from the ear, not in the ear, but directly in the auditory canal. They have ear cushions made of pure soft silicone material, by using which you can quickly and firmly attach the headphones and offers an adequate level of sound insulation. It is also beneficial in listening to music comfortably in noisy places and save others from listening to music through your headphones. For this reason, this feature is a valuable one.

1.4 In-ear headphones

The in-ear headphones have a slightly better sound quality than earphones because of their soundproofing characteristics. However, the diaphragm is still tiny, which is a hurdle in reproducing extreme frequencies like bass and treble in the right quality. In such type of sound reproducing system, in-ear headphones are dynamic and reinforced. The fittings will enable you to get a sufficiently high sound quality. Professional headphones are just another type of reinforcement. You will generally require headphones equipped with an over-ear or monitor to enjoy the outstanding sound quality.

1.5 Over-ear headphones

These headphones are also known as around-ear headphones. They are equipped with a hoop for their attachment. This hoop enables them to press tightly against the ears. However, some models have a direct attachment with the ears and do not disturb the most graceful hairstyle, and have no interference with hats. You will get a higher sound reproduction due to the large diaphragm size of the earpieces and in-ear headphones. Commonly, in-ear headphones are robust and have a light construction. For this reason, they are used with portable players.

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