How to Choose a Microphone for Voice Recording at Home

A microphone is a basic and essential thing if you are going to do voice recording at your home. Your recording depends on your microphone’s quality because it is the first medium through which your voice passes first. If you record your voice with an excellent quality microphone, you will get outstanding results in the … Read more

What is FLAC Audio Format and What it is Good For?

FLAC is an acronym for free lossless audio codec. It delivers decent small audio files after compressing it without affecting the sound quality. A unique technique is used by this format to compress and reproduce the file. It is very good for cloud storage such as streaming servers and works wonders for physical storage like … Read more

Introduction to Mastering in Music – Audio Post-Production & Sound Processing

Artists usually make use of different studios, engineers, and producers when recording an album. What happens is that each of the songs contained in the album will have a different sound. The process of making the sounds within the different songs to sound coherent is called mastering. The engineer that will do this is expected … Read more

Sound Recording – Choosing the Optimal Frequency

Acoustic is the most challenging aspect of producing professional sound recording. When your sound recording acoustic is bad, it will totally affect the whole sound. There are many inexpensive things you can do to produce great sound. It is very important to have good acoustic material since vibrations in the air create sounds. Acoustic is … Read more

Why the Built-In Sound Card is Not Suitable for Recording at Home?

Sound card plays a fundamental role in writing music on a computer. It converts sound signals into electrical signals and vice versa. Having a built-in sound card in your laptop or computer is a perfect thing because it saves both your budget and room on the table. You might have also noticed that the built-in … Read more

How to Write Music on a Computer

Every profession is converting on the computer nowadays. For example, in the past, all the calculations and artwork were done on the paper manually. But now, they are done by using a computer. Like all things, the computer helped the musician as well. It is a piece of excellent news for you if you’re a … Read more

Review: iBasso IT01s – A Futuristic Looking Hi-Fi IEM for Audiophiles

iBasso IT01s iBasso has created a lot of excitement around the announcement of what initially was thought to be the successor of IT01, but contrary to that belief, the IT01s is more of a rework than an entirely new product. The sexy, luscious liquid metal looking piece of earphones has been developed to deliver beyond … Read more

Review: Meze Audio Rai Penta – The Pioneering Universal IEM of MEZE Audio Challenging our Perception of Value

Meze Audio Rai Penta Famous for their wooden crafted headphones, Meze Audio has once again impressed us but with a pair of in-ear monitors with hybrid driver configuration, of which sound response, phase-shifting, and timbre ensured entirely through five properly synergized drivers. The Rai Penta earphones are some very rigorously engineered referencing headphones, in which … Read more