Review: iBasso IT01s – A Futuristic Looking Hi-Fi IEM for Audiophiles

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iBasso IT01s

iBasso has created a lot of excitement around the announcement of what initially was thought to be the successor of IT01, but contrary to that belief, the IT01s is more of a rework than an entirely new product.

The sexy, luscious liquid metal looking piece of earphones has been developed to deliver beyond what the standard iBasso IT01 could provide. With a few tech-leading components that were implemented into iBasso IT01s, aptly named: Tesla Magnetic Flux, Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm, Diamond-like Carbon Coating – the IEMs have the aptitude to surpass the sound quality of many high-end in-ear monitors.

In the end, the Hi-Fidelity in-ear monitor iBasso IT01s has created quite a sensation on the audio scene in matters of the accuracy of sound reproduction and analytical audio profile, and eventually that makes a rather big statement for audiophiles.

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iBasso IT01s is a sturdy, unique looking top-tier professional in-ear monitor with audiophile-grade sound quality whilst is also an extremely accessible product for the vast majority of consumers with a price tag under $200.

Key Features

  • Good and in my opinion very neutral sound
  • Large frequency spectrum range
  • Valuable processing
  • Very good price / performance ratio

iBasso IT01s Review

An immediate difference from the beginning is how noble and exalted the appearance of iBasso IT01s is. Design-wise, the shiny metallic look is a choice which is not often pulled, which makes these earphones more peculiar and of high quality, yet durable material.

The surface finish is definitely impressive, while the firm cable is nothing short of amazing with a silver-white theme that also retains an imperial look. The 5N mono crystal copper protected by a silver plated shield is likewise a robust and sustainable component which won’t fall off in the long run, thus making these earphones an excellent investment.

The package contains a bunch of stuff that are of high utility such as the 2.5 mm MMCX balanced cable and the 2.5 TRRS to 3.5 TRS adapter, aside from that you also get several sets of ear tips of different sizes and two foam ear tips which provide tremendous passive sound isolation. For a pair of monitor earphones priced little under $200, what you receive inside the box is a spectacular addition which will complement these in-ears excellently.




Monitor, Casual listening

2.5 mm MMCX balanced cable, 2.5 TRRS to 3.5 TRS adapter, Storage case, 9 Pairs of silicone ear-tips, 2 Pairs of foam ear-tips, 2 Pieces spare screens with O rings, User Manual & Warranty card

The sound has probably aroused the most curiosity, and there’s a good reason for that because the earphones do have a premium look which seems to carry a prominent and excellent tunned audio playback with plenty of details, refinements and lifelike sound rendering; Aspects which turn out to be true in this case. iBasso IT01s is generally a refined pair of IEMs both on the inside and outside with authentic sound reproduction, full of dynamics, and gorgeous design that is on par with its aptitudes.

Advantages & Disadvantages of iBasso IT01s

In the sonic spectrum, the lower end of the bass bestows with clear precision, providing with a sense of genuineness, a feeling that causes a competent touch while offering an incredible amount of clarity and definition.

The vocals stand out a lot more and ensure a genuine, yet evocative sound, which works brilliantly in continuation with the precision and clarity of the highs, the upper range of the spectrum.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits the iBasso IT01s comes with, and little no to shortcomings that would make one slightly dislike these earphones. Perhaps the design might not suit everyone’s taste, but if that’s not detrimental for you, then you’ll happily enjoy the high fidelity stereophony of iBasso IT01s with its well-defined soundstage and instrumental separation.

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Effective entry-level gear for monitoring
  • The bass feels slightly recessed


The iBasso IT01s is by far one of the most distinctive earphones I’ve reviewed, offering a wide variety of values which are greatly appreciated by audiophiles, but also by audio engineers, for its analytical sound signature and excellent sound presence. The dynamics, attack, decay, and sustain are elements which these earphones control superbly with a crystal clear rendering and admirable precision.

In the end, the IEMs make quite a big statement in the fashion segment with its shiny look which reminiscent of mercury element, as well as being a high-fidelity IEM.

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2 thoughts on “Review: iBasso IT01s – A Futuristic Looking Hi-Fi IEM for Audiophiles”

  1. Great review ! Question / I own a pair of hidizs mermaid m1 with balanced cable. Would these be a decent step up from them ? Thank you!

    • I haven’t tested the Mermaid MS1, but from what I’ve read, the Hidizs Mermaid MS1 is a bit cheaper than the iBasso-IT01, and the technical specifications are quite similar. However, the two headphones differ in terms of soundstage and accuracy. If you prefer a big soundstage, you’ll probably get what you want with the Hidizs Mermaid MS1, as it’s well known for its huge soundstage on all axes – it’s vast, with plenty of height and depth, offering a great listening experience in itself. Both have a U-shaped sound signature; on the other hand, the Mermaid MS1 favors a playful and less refined sound reproduction, especially in the lower end of the spectrum where the bass slightly overpowers the mids, while the iBasso-IT01 pays more attention to this and does not affect the overall sound.

      I’d say you won’t get an upgrade by buying the iBasso-IT01, but if there’s anything in your budget that will give you the improvement in sound quality you want, it’s definitely the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro.

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