Chapter 1 – Guide on the Best Gaming Audio Setups and How to Get The Most Out of Your Gaming Headphones

Audio is essential in many games. Whether it's first person shooters, horror games, strategy games or anything else! If you're tired of basic gaming headsets and want maximum sound quality to immerse yourself into the game, here are some tips on what you can do to make sure you get the most out of your gaming headset. Finally, we'll show you some gaming headphone setups for different types of gamers.

The Pros and Cons of Wireless Headphones: Convenient, With Intuitive Technologies, Yet With Limitations

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular these days with all the new devices coming out. But is there more to them than meets the eye? With so many advantages, disadvantages and unexpected issues to keep in mind, how do you know if you should buy a pair of wireless headphones or not? And which wireless headphone should you purchase? Read below for an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of Wireless headphones and their advantages over wired headphones.

Finding the Best Wireless Headphones for Your Needs – The Ultimate Buying Guide + Detailed Explanation of Bluetooth Technology

Sales of wireless headphones have increased dramatically in recent years. Recent statistics show that the global wireless headphone market is estimated to be worth US$15.9 billion. People are more aware of what they need to get the best from their wireless headphones or true wireless earbuds. However, this is not always possible, as manufacturers offer different features and specifications for their products. This leads to confusion which we are here to help you get rid of.

The Best Headphones for Running – Get the Most Sweaty Runs and Stay Amped with These Outstanding Running Headphones

It's no secret that music and running go hand in hand. That's why you'll find many people listening to their favorite songs while training. Running while listening to your music has many benefits and not only improves your mood, but also gives you a boost of energy. With that said, if you're a runner and you're in the market for a new pair of headphones for running, read on.

The Best Workout Headphones – Enjoy Music, Train Consistently and Lift HARDER Than The Last Time with These Awesome Headphones!

Many different brands and styles of headphones exist, so it's hard to find the right one for you. As with all things that earn their spot in our daily lives—not just your workouts—you have to plan ahead and do your research. We provide you with information, tips on what to consider when buying the best workout headphones and recommendations.

Best Headphones for Office Use: What to Look for When Searching High-Productivity Headphones

An office is a place where people are at work, working on something they're passionate about or because they're paid well. However, whether you're the boss or just another employee, some things just seem to get in the way of productivity—namely, people. And, when people get in the way of your productivity, you can ignore them, or you can shout back at them.

FiiO Q5 Review – A State-of-the-art Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier with aptX and DSD Technology

The subject of this review fits well with the company's previous accomplishments - FiiO's mobile DAC/AMPs have always impressed with their creative features and compact size. This time, the FiiO Q5 Bluetooth headphone amplifier comes with the flagship CSR8675 chip from Qualcomm for the wireless interface, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and standard codecs, including aptX. It also uses the popular XU208 chip for USB for the maximum possible resolutions for the DAC. With advanced wireless capabilities, a sandblasted aluminum chassis, exemplary build quality, and top-notch sound with either 2.5mm balanced or 3.5mm unbalanced output, the Q5 Bluetooth headphone amplifier should likely be a must-have for anyone who uses a smartphone as an audio source. It is very likely to be an excellent device. But it’s worth taking a closer look and unveil all the information we find in this review.

Creative Sound Blaster E5 Review – High-resolution Desktop USB Amplifier for Video Games

Portable headphone amplifiers are particular devices, especially when they're designed for gaming. Gamers are not very familiar with audio devices, so they may not be aware of their existence. Even fewer people may understand the application of such things. Unless your gaming PC is equipped with a high-end sound card, you don't know what the sounds, music and effects in the game are supposed to sound like, mainly because your computer can't play them back properly. A headphone amplifier is a device that powers your gaming headphones or speakers to get the most out of them, sometimes with plenty of adjustments (equalizer, bass boost, listening modes, etc.) to improve the sound quality The Sound Blaster E5 is primarily a headphone amplifier for your iPod, but that’s just the beginning of its capabilities. The Sound Blaster E5 can also be used as an external sound card for computers running OS X or Windows. It can also be used as an external stereo microphone for your computer or smartphone.