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Philips SHP6000 Review

With a frequency response between 16 and 23 kHz, the SHP-6000 comes with 40 mm drivers that can give you fantastic bass experiences. The ear pads are designed so that adaptive adjustments can be made to the shape of the ears. That way, it can improve the steadiness and balanced pressure on an individual's ears and head to obtain premium listening quality, including distortion blockage and wearing comfort.​ Even though the Philips SHP-6000 are praised for their quality, it should not be compared to Audio-Technica ATH-AVA300 models and Sennheiser HD 215 II, far more costly hi-fi models. The price of the headphone is justified with the built sound and quality. When using the 40mm drivers, the user will experience adequate mid-range and intense bass. The frequencies remain consistent, even at peak sound.

JBL E55BT Review

JBL has become a reference brand over the years for general public headphones and music experts. Certainly, this success is obliged to the high-quality gadgets and smart rates. Furthermore, JBL has launched its wireless headphones in the market through an E-series collection that supported the brand in gaining many customers' respect. Nowadays, we're exploring the JBL E55BT, a Bluetooth headset from this collection that is comfortable and very prevalent among the JBL brand consumers. We will review this headset in our article and conclude its accurate performance and quality. JBL E55BT is released after the JBL E-series E45BT wireless headphone, and this new version has revealed some enhancements over its ancestor. It’s designed for a wide range of audiences, together with those who aren’t acquainted with eminence sound and additional musical-minded, a wide range of opportunities are offered with these headphones. Which benefits permit the brand to execute its infamy?

JBL Quantum 100 Review

When it comes to headphones by JBL, Quantum 100 has a unique reputation. It is super affordable and performs perfectly for gamers. The list of the pros and cons of JBL Quantum 100 is quite interesting and you can enjoy moving towards the selection process.

Meze 99 Neo Review

The Romanian company Meze has done many things right and has made a start in the headphone scene that many other companies surely dreamt of. The first headphone with which Meze entered the international stage, the 99 Classics, is a convincing all-round product. With the 99 Neo, Meze now presents a slightly less expensive model of the 99 series that retains the same elegant appearance and sound signature.​ While the Classics have a dignified, warm, and natural appearance, the NEO has a cool, modern, and technical flair. This is noticeable in the price and the slightly more unique bass response: The NEO currently costs around $250 and is around $50 less than the Classics.

Marshall Monitor II ANC Review

Marshall Monitor II ANC wireless is a full-size over-ear headphone with active noise reduction. The second generation of "monitor" headphones from Marshall was released in 2020 with the same corporate sound and design, good noise reduction, and impressive autonomy (up to 30 hours with ANC) as the previous model. The Marshall Monitor ANC noise-canceling headphones were undoubtedly fantastic for lovers of retro audio products, but could the same be said about Marshall Monitor II ANC? Of the many similitudes, only the price is different. Let's figure out if the headphones are worth the cost.​

Sony WH-1000XM2 Review

The Sony WH-1000XM2 is a successful evolution of the MDR-1000X. It builds on the strengths of the MDR-1000X and introduces some significant improvements and new features. No changes to the on-board microphones for the hands-free kit function. They offer good recording quality, which is rarely the case on this kind of headset. You can be heard and understood clearly without having to speak very loudly in quiet environments. It is comfortable to wear and use with its touch-sensitive buttons and well-thought-out application. There's also nothing wrong with the active noise reduction that makes the new Sony headphones one of the best on the market. The sound quality is also excellent, even though this new model has the same small flaws as its predecessor. The battery life is simply excellent, and the application provides some features. Without revolutionizing the genre, Sony is, therefore, offering us a great evolution of its active noise reduction headphones, and the balance is largely positive.

Sennheiser PC 373D Review

Sennheiser is known for its high-quality sound equipment, which usually justifies the high price. The accumulated experience, traditional German meticulousness, and impressive material and technical capabilities are the factors that make it possible to produce the profile market equipment of exceptional quality under this recognizable brand.​ The Sennheiser PC 373D is not just another model in the endless lineup of gaming headsets. The manufacturer has very carefully developed this device. The black and red blur the line between simplicity and elegance. The velvety cushions and distinctive headband create a high-end headphone look, whereas the black plastic frame looks humble enough to fit into an interior filled with all kinds of gaming accessories.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Review

When we say this product's name, we are immediately reminded of the actual skull and thus imagine Skullcandy's logo in the shape of a skull and their products to be very colorful, aiming at teenagers. This is partly because they select colors for their products, which are very bright and bold. However, after going through the Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones testing, here is a detailed review about what you can expect from these wireless headsets.​