Best Headphones for Office Use: What to Look for When Searching High-Productivity Headphones

An office is a place where people are at work, working on something they’re passionate about or because they’re paid well. However, whether you’re the boss or just another employee, some things just seem to get in the way of productivity—namely, people. And, when people get in the way of your productivity, you can ignore them, or you can shout back at them.

Best High-End Noise Cancelling Headphones – Fine Craftsmanship and Prestigious Models

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Jabra Elite 45H Review

Jabra is a serious player in the ever-growing audio market. Even though Jabra headphones can’t compete with Bose and Sony in terms of sound quality, the Danish manufacturer has proven that it has accumulated an impressive amount of know-how to appeal to users. In the budget sector comes the Elite 45H on-ear headphone. The on-ear headphone Elite 45H offered by Jabra is designed for users with a small budget, which although may not benefit from noise reduction, can enjoy a long battery life with tremendous audio performance.​

There is no doubt that Jabra is the market leader in the price/quality segment of wireless headsets. To support this title, the company has come up with another affordable gadget. This is the compact Jabra Elite 45H, an on-ear headset under $100. For that much money, you can’t expect an uncompromising flagship device. However, it does have at least one obvious advantage: a high autonomy of about 50 hours.

Marshall Monitor II ANC Review

Marshall Monitor II ANC wireless is a full-size over-ear headphone with active noise reduction. The second generation of “monitor” headphones from Marshall was released in 2020 with the same corporate sound and design, good noise reduction, and impressive autonomy (up to 30 hours with ANC) as the previous model. The Marshall Monitor ANC noise-canceling headphones were undoubtedly fantastic for lovers of retro audio products, but could the same be said about Marshall Monitor II ANC? Of the many similitudes, only the price is different. Let’s figure out if the headphones are worth the cost.​

Sony WH-1000XM2 Review

The Sony WH-1000XM2 is a successful evolution of the MDR-1000X. It builds on the strengths of the MDR-1000X and introduces some significant improvements and new features.

No changes to the on-board microphones for the hands-free kit function. They offer good recording quality, which is rarely the case on this kind of headset. You can be heard and understood clearly without having to speak very loudly in quiet environments.

It is comfortable to wear and use with its touch-sensitive buttons and well-thought-out application. There’s also nothing wrong with the active noise reduction that makes the new Sony headphones one of the best on the market.

The sound quality is also excellent, even though this new model has the same small flaws as its predecessor. The battery life is simply excellent, and the application provides some features. Without revolutionizing the genre, Sony is, therefore, offering us a great evolution of its active noise reduction headphones, and the balance is largely positive.

Jabra Evolve 75 Review

The classic wireless on-ear headset Jabra Evolve 75 was engineered and marketed as a headphone for open office. At least, this is the way its manufacturer positioned it, though we were surprised by its capabilities in the remaining areas. Evolve 75 proved to us that it can be a versatile candidate that performs outstandingly at work, for music listening, watching movies & Netflix series, or playing games. For the money Jabra Evolve 75, you get an excellent universal model that can serve you well at your workplace as well as at home.​

Philips PH805 Review

The Philips PH805 is a mid-range Hi-Res audio compatible wireless over-ear headphones that can fold and have somewhat competitive pricing. Better yet, the wireless headphones from the well-known Dutch company provide a great frequency range, ANC, Bluetooth 5.0, and 30 hours of battery life.​

The build quality and sound quality of PH805 are impressive, the battery life is very decent too. If you take into account the price tag, you would expect a quite good noise cancellation performance. Even though that’s not the case here, you won’t be disappointed with these beautiful wireless headphones if you’re all about sound quality.

Sennheiser PXC 550-II Review

The Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless is the top model of travel headphones with noise-canceling in the German headphone manufacturer’s range. The headphones impressed us with a fantastic, clear sound, good active noise cancelation, and a comfortable fit. Also worth mentioning is the really excellent active noise suppression and clear communication quality when making calls.​

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Review

The level of sound quality and build quality of Sennheiser Momentum for the value was great. The first Momentum was distinguished by its construction built of stainless steel, leather, and plastic. These materials can also be found in the latest model. The positive impression was outdone by Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, the second generation of Momentum Wireless.​

These Sennheiser headphones do not have such outstanding analytical skills as Grado, but they reproduce the music clearly and vividly. They can play energetically and not afraid to emphasize certain accents. Appropriate moderation has been maintained in the bass area.

Technics EAH-F70N Review

Technics may be best known for its turntables, but it also has a reasonably wide range of quality headphones. One of them being the EAH-F70N. These high-quality, over-ear wireless headphones feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology and advanced features. The headphones are well-equipped with three-level active noise canceling and comes with everything you can expect from high-quality Bluetooth headphones: Bluetooth 4.2, including Qualcomm aptX HD, LDAC, sufficient autonomy, and a frequency response of 4 Hz – 40 kHz.​