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Review: Yamaha HPH-MT8

Being the flagship studio headphone of the MT series, Yamaha HPH-MT8 has been engineered from a technological and design perspective to deliver the most accurate sound by reducing unwanted resonance. The professional studio headphones have an accurate sound with linear frequency response, high resolution, and extremely faithful reproduction of most musical genres throughout the operating frequency range.

If you had enough of the low-end studio headphones and are confident in starting a career as a music maker and fancy some high-end professional headphones, today’s subject might be your perfect option. Yamaha HPH-MT8 is the flagship monitor headphone among the MT series. It’s a highly favored professional studio headset for audio engineering with a neutral, highly balanced sound.

We’re confident in this product, mainly because Yamaha is a long-lived Japanese corporation founded in 1887, a brand of high caliber vastly known for multiple other high-quality instruments, being a manufacturer people rarely complain. However, as with every product, it has its ups and downs, which is why Yamaha HPH-MT8 deserves a review.

Reviews Studio

The Best Studio Headphones under $50

There’s no mystery the music industry is massive, a statement which is further backed by the claims of “Indie US creators which earned a total of $6.8bn online in 2018.” With the right studio equipment, you can wade into a segment of this industry too.​

Every day, indie music artists emerge onto the stage. Music producers such as Apashe, MISSIO, Unlike Pluto or The Glitch Mob were once little as well, and they all started with minimum equipment. But today, you have a head start by proceeding to the store and buying only the most reliable and effective studio headphones for making music.