Review: AKG K-72 – Budget Closed-back Studio Headphones

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If you’re a big fan of the AKG sound signature, you might expect their headphones to be inclined towards a neutral type of sound profile, and that’s a good thing for the audio engineers who demand the right equipment for audio monitoring. The AKG K-72s are also incredibly comfortable, which to your advantage, are going to excel in long work sessions. The matte black studio headphones are often forgotten when wearing due to their soft pads, and the AKG-style auto adjust headband (which by the way, are more comfortable than the plain padded headbands).

The company is already strongly associated with the flat sound signature, and since this is the hallmark for AKG, the sound would appeal to professional studio use cases such as audio monitoring, because of it the AKG K series befit music creators with comfort and sound accuracy. As this is the case, this kind of headphone is usually favored by audiophiles as well.

AKG K72 Information

Brand: AKG

Model: K-72

Specialization: Recording and Mixing

Package: 3 m Spiral cable / 3.5 mm Plug connector / 6.3 mm Adapter


AKG K-72 is a professionally designed studio headphone targeted to low-entry audio engineers/music artists. The headphones have a bit of color in sound beginning with the mids, emphasized towards high-end of the audio spectrum whereas the bass is colorless – flat.

Key Features

  • Neutral sound
  • Broad frequency spectrum range
  • Excellent price / performance ratio

AKG K-72 Review

One would expect these headphones to get warmer, especially during summer, and because of its closed architecture, the warmth inside the earcups will be more significant.

Aside from the minor problem, a remarkable thing is expressed by the upholstery, which is comfortable and the pads are easily replaceable. At any moment in time, you can replace them with new pads when the current ones pierce or crack.

As opposed to this adaptable feature, the cable is not removable. In short, AKG K72 isn’t fully adaptable; however, as long as the 3 m single-sided cable won’t damage, the sturdy plastic earcups and metal hangers appear as if they will last forever. We believe this headphone is a decent buy for the next decade.

The sound is fantastic, very balanced, genuinely sensational for a cheap, closed headphone. It has been achieved a lot for a product of a low price tag.

The comfort is outstanding, the upholstery is not made of faux leather (which becomes sticky over time and causes perspiration) but of a “fabric-like” material. It’s pleasant on the skin and is not prone to sweat. In winter, virtually no sweating!

The ear-enclosing construction does not create any unpleasant pressure on the ears. The weight is relatively low 7 oz or 200 g; therefore you can wear it for hours.

Advantages & Disadvantages of AKG K-72

It’s true, we might have praised the AKG K72 a bit; praises which still hold accuracy.

But the downside, is they aren’t as neutral and flat as top-tier professional studio headphones. Don’t get me wrong, as much as this sounds laughable, compared to the other headphones for monitoring within the same price range, the AKG K72s stand head and shoulders (well… except Audio Technica ATH-M20x, which is the top rated headphone under $50 among studio monitors). The bass is not present as well as the treble is, creating a slight imbalance in sound profile.

  • Reliable studio headphones for professional use
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Not entirely neutral


For the standard requirements for mixing or recording, these headphones are incredible. I can seamlessly hear most musical notes as they should sound regardless of the not so neutral sound, and there’s visible added value in some of my music mixing results as compared to the AKG K240.

In a few instances, for example: sound, the highs are not as neutral as I would prefer, but given the price/performance ratio, there is nothing to complain. Since I have only worked with these headphones for little time, I do not want to draw a quick conclusion, but I would buy the AKG K72 for mixing and mastering. And I gladly recommend it to anyone who is looking for very good, inexpensive studio headphones.

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    • Absolutely! Sennheiser HD 206 and AKG K72 classify as budget studio monitors. Regardless, AKG K72 is two times more expensive than HD 206, making us believe it’s better, but its value doesn’t come from the higher price.

      For mixing purposes, HD 206 weighs less than AKG K72 (165g vs. 216g), whereas the frequency response of AKG K72 is slightly more even, more adequate for monitoring and mixing. Despite weighing more, the AKG k72 studio headphones distribute the weight more evenly thanks to their self-adjusted headband with metal arches. Both are over-ear headphones, comfortable to wear, and come with a 1/4 inch jack adapter.

      If you’re beginning and want to try things out, get Sennheiser HD 206 or Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi and upgrade to AKG K72 later. You can also read this article on the best studio headphones under $50, it might help you choose the pair of studio headphones you need.

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