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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i Review

B&O Play is a division of the famous Bang & Olufsen that develops electronics. The subsidiary company inherited the first two initials and the elegant design distinguishable among the entire Bang & Olufsen range of products. This time the brand offers an on-ear Bluetooth headset equipped with an active noise reduction system, the B&O Beoplay H8i.

When it comes to top-end products like the H8i and H9i headphones, we have no doubts regarding quality. Usually, we’re always shown something really outstanding by the Danish luxury brand founded in 1925, at least from a design perspective. We know you’re here to find out about other aspects of the B&O Play H8i and how it sounds.

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Skullcandy Spoke Review

The competition for Xiaomi and Realme Buds Q was turned up a few notches when Skullcandy Spoke entered the market with their in-ear headphones. Spoke is the perfect combination of high technology and ease of use. You get the freedom of wireless and all the features you need that offers an affordable true wireless experience. Typically, true wireless in-ear headphones/earbuds are more expensive than simple wireless over-ear headphones. Spoke offers this technology at a price that is affordable for almost anyone.​

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Bluetooth 5.0 and Others: Demystifying aptX HD, Low Latency Standards and MIDI Technology

We’ve written about Bluetooth technology in detail, including audio applications, common information, and the HFP, HSP, and A2DP profiles, as well as the aptX HD that audiophiles love. Several projects classified as high-profile in consumer electronics at the time, glittering with marketing and advertising, have fallen by the wayside. On the contrary, Bluetooth is here to stay! Let’s see what the latest achievements of this technology, developed since 1993, have been in modern times.